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Augie Cunningham

have fun
HOME TOWN: Costa Mesa
Date of Birth:  November 6,2000
Hobbies Surfing, amateur photography, fishing and just being in the ocean and of course bodysurfing
Favorite Surfer: Surfer: clay marzo bodysurfer: mark Cunningham (sadly no we're not related )
Fred Simpson on the wedge-"I get myself so where I put myself in the path of the bull so it rips my clothes but doesn't kill me"
Who inspires you the most?: My friends and family and all my bodysurfing and surfing idols
What is your greatest fear?:Not being able to be in the ocean
​Last time you wore a tie?:Homecoming I'm pretty sure
Favorite surf film?:  Tough one but I'm a fan of all the James Bond movies
Number one on your bucket list?Disappear to Indonesia or Tahiti or some other tropical paradise and surf my brains out
Favorite waves:  Big steep peaky glassy barrels I love barrels
Favorite maneuvers: Getting pitted mostly but el rollos are cool too
Favorite country to visit or want to visit:Anywhere with waves in Indonesia (is there anywhere without waves ?)
What would you do if you won the lottery?: Again disappear to indo and surf everyday

Augie's Bio 

Augie is super stoked on Slyde and being a rider. He is a Newport Beach and Huntington local. He attends Costa Mesa High school and plays Varsity Waterpolo. He has been charging shore break since he was young and his favorite breaks are The Wedge , Huntington Pier and Laguna. Hi hobbies are Bodysurfing and surfing and enjoying the ocean and hopes to progress from junior lifeguards to become a Newport Beach lifeguard soon

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