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Please note all Competitions are subject to change of date and location without notice: For full updated events either follow us by Email below, where we will update you on any events happening around the world as they happen or Follow our FACEBOOKto stay up to date with handboarding and bodysurfing news

The Epic Famous Barrell Feast La jolla

Where: Scripps Pier (North side of Pier) La Jolla, CA -{ find scripps pier on the map }

When: Saturday November 15th 2014 from 8:30am-11:30am

Sponsors :

  • Slyde Handboards
  • Wolf Pack Bodysurfing Team
  • More to be announced

We'll be giving away 2 cutting edge SLYDE Hexflex handboards, for best wave of the day and style! We’re hoping to score the World’s Biggest Bodysurfing Party Wave too!

There will also be a Swag Swap, Bring your business or brand tee or other swag and trade tasty goods. Various product Sponsors will also be on hand to throw in a few special surprises.

All are welcome to attend, even if you’re a Landlocked Lookieloo’s. There will be plenty of folks just enjoying the view from the shore.

Ride Day

Where: Huntington Beach at the end of 9th street look for the red tent -{ find on the map }

When: Sunday, July 13th 8:00am

Sponsors :

  • Slyde Handboards
  • Slick Collective 
  • Rocka Shaka

Come Join Slyde Handboards and Scoots Handplanes and a number of other handboard/handplane makers for a day of riding - ALL ARE WELCOME, come show off your handboards! Bring your fins, a smile and what ever you want to ride and enjoy the day with us getting shacked. Look for the RED TENT.

Slyde Fest of Stoke

Where: Huntington Beach at the end of 6th street on the Bike trail -{ find on the map }

When: Saturday, June 21at 7:00am (International Surfing Day)

Sponsors :

  • Slyde Handboards
  • Slick Collective 
  • Vita Coco 
  • Rocka Shaka

Hi Everyone! Due to permitting issues We've been forced to make a location change and added an additional night time event! Please check out the details above! Saturday June 21st 8:00am-3pm Huntington Beach, CA- Full Blown Beach Day & International Surfing Day Celebration! Hope you can all still make it!! Spread the Stoke!!

This is the Slyde original Fest of Stoke and bodysurfing and just about anything else you want to do in the water.

It still the same event to Celebrate the Start of Summer, Spread Ocean Awareness, and Get Shacked. Anticipate Secret Surprise Raffles & Eats (from some Epic sponsors) FREE Fun Event!! Kids and Kooks Welcome! Stay Tuned 4 additional details and exciting announcements!

Pipeline Bodysurfing Classic

Where: Pipeline, North Shore Oahu, Hawaii

When: January - February

The Pipeline Bodysurfing Classic is a  bodysurfing competition held annually during the Winter season at the  Banzai Pipeline on the  North Shore of the island of  Oahu in  Hawaii. This competition is seen among the Body surfing world as the elite Bodysurfing tournament in the world today and is the only time that bodysurfers and  paipo riders get to ride Pipeline completely alone  The goals (and historical precedent) for the Pipeline Bodysurfing Classic are based on the original concept of the North Shore Expressive / Paipo bodysurfing event.

The Pipeline Bodysurfing Classic first ran February 1971 (which preceded the Pipe Masters, which ran December 1971). Therefore, the Pipeline Bodysurfing Classic was the first surfing event at Pipeline (Ehukai Beach Park) on the North Shore of Oahu. The Event was originally hosted by the Honolulu City Parks Department (to promote water safety and wave consciousness), as a multi-division bodysurfing, handboard and skegless paipo board competition open to bothmen and women. Eventually, the event was adopted by the North Shore Bodysurfing Club in Haleiwa, Hawaii. 

Mike Stewart has won the event 13 times. winning his 13th title in 2011  Mark Cunningham who has won the title 6 times  The Pipeline classic has had problems in the past with getting the go ahead as the permits to use pipeline exclusively is scarce to say the least so please go here and support the 2012 event to make sure this continuesas it has in previous years

The World Bodysurfing Championships

Where: Oceanside Pier. ca

When: August 20-21

The World Bodysurfing Championships are held next to the Oceanside Pier, in Oceanside California. This event was started was started in 1977 and is held every year in August . Approximately 350-400 bodysurfers from around the world compete in their respective age divisions for trophies and prizes.

Manhattan Beach Bodysurfing Contest

Where: Manhattan Beach, California

When: August 3rd, 4th and 5th

This event is held in Manhattan Beach, California. The contest is sponsored by the oldest bodysurfing club in The United States, Gillis Beach Bodysurfing Association. Dating back to 1964, the GBBA formed on the beaches of Playa Del Rey in Los Angeles. Members of GBBA run the bodysurfing contest, but do not participate in the interest of promoting the sport. The contest is a part of the International Surf Festival held late July or the first of August annually. The surf festival is known for its volleyball, lifeguard competition and the bodysurfing contests and attracts thousands of people to the weekend long events 

Torneo Internacional de Bodysurf Las Escolleras

Where: Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo, Mexico

When: April-June

This competition is held in Mexico, between April and June in Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo, at Las Escolleras beach, a powerful wave with spitting barrels. The event is held over two days and unlike the other competitions does not charge an entrance fee and there are awards for well placed contestants and apparently there is a huge party atmosphere at the event

Northern California Bodysurfing Championships / Santa Cruz Cold Water Classic

Where: Lagunitas Creek, Santa Cruz, California

When: March-April

Each year In march and April, over seventy-five bodysurfers and two hundred spectators will gather in Santa Cruz, California for 2 days of competition and camaraderie. Champion bodysurfers from all over California make this contest one of the most challenging and fun events of the year. The Santa Cruz Bodysurfing Association (SCBSA) was formed as a nonprofit organization by a group of local swimmers in 1984.

Redwings Memorial Championships of Handboarding

Where:  Point Panic, Oahu, Hawaii

When:September 10, 2011 (Summer Holding Period)

The annual REDWINGS Memorial World Championships of Handboarding is held at Point Panic on Oahu and features some of Hawaii’s best watermen and women. It is sponsored by CTS Foundation, which is incorporated in the State of Hawaii.

Newcastle Bodysurfing Challenge

Where:  Avalon Beach, Aus

When: Saturday 30th July. 8am(Summer Holding Period)

No much Info on this event other than the contact info:

Don McCredie Bodysurfing Australia Inc.

Po Box 547

Avalon Beach

NSW 2107


T: +61 (0) 2 99732038

E: don@hydro.ws

The San Francisco Bodysurf Classic

Where:  Ocean Beach San francisco

When: November 5th

The Bodysurf Classic to be held in San Francisco, Ocean Beach on November 5th, 2011 at 10:00am. The specific location to be determined on the day of the event. The location will be posted here on the official event website and in the window of Trouble Coffee, 4033 Judah St (between 45th Ave & 46th Ave) San Francisco CA 94122. There will be a $15.00 entrance fee for competitors (fee will include event T-shirt). The 6 person heats will be run on a first come, first serve basis. All heats are gender and age neutral.

The annual Whomparama

Where: Carolina Beach N.C.

When:Saturday, August 24, 2013

Check out their facebook page For full details Here

Watch 2013 Whomparama sessions

Brazilian Bodysurfing Contest

Where: Rio de Janero-Copacabana Beach

When: December Holding period

Big Island Bodysurfing Championships

Where: Waipio Valley Big Iland Hawaii

When: February Holding period