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Chris Glevy

have fun
Date of Birth:   3/15/00
Hobbies Surfing, Swimming, anything in the water, playing sports
Favorite Surfer: Josh Kerr
Motto:"don't quit, go get in a pit"
Who inspires you the most?: Bethany Hamilton
What is your greatest fear?: Getting an injury that prevents me from doing physical activities .
​Last time you wore a tie?: winter formal
Favorite non surf film?:   " inception"
Number one on your bucket list? skydiving.
Favorite waves:   marine street, pacific beach, trestles, Huntington
Favorite maneuvers:  spinners, lazy boy, getting shacked
Favorite country to visit or want to visit:Fiji
What would you do if you won the lottery?:  Travel the world in search of the perfect wave.

Chris's Bio

Chris lives in San Diego, California and is 15 years old. He has been a beach bum for most of his life and is a consummate waterman, who loves to do it all from Bodysurfing ,SUPing to Surfing. His Favorite place to Body Surf Marine Street, a super fun hollow shore break in San Diego 

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​ chris slyde team Ryder and handplane bodysurfer

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