Coco Torres

Slyde:{Ryde Fast}
HOME TOWN:  Carolina Beach, North Cackalaka
Date of Birth:  January 23, 2002 
HobbiesBodysurfing, Surfing, Shaping, Skating, Guitar
Favorite Surfer: Coco Ho
Motto: “Rash Guards and Leotards”
Who inspires you the most?:  My Dad
What is your greatest fear?: Living in the desert
​Last time you wore a dress? 3rd grade school dance
Best surf video of all time?:  Walking on water
Number one on your bucket list?  Toilet paper someone's house
Favorite waves:  Hollow barrels
Favorite maneuvers: Tandem with my dad
Favorite country to visit or want to visit: French beach breaks
What would you do if you won the lottery?:II would help people who don't have fresh water by building wells and then go meet all my favorite surfers and dancers.
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