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Add a Handboard to your Summer Fun

Handboards are perfect toys for anyone who likes to Boogie board. So simple to master, it doesn't matter what age or skill level you are, you will have the time of your life.


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See what the pro riders are saying about the wedge.

Mike baker
New Zealand

You catch more waves so you have more fun, even when the conditions are small and mediocre! When you progress, you get way more barrel time! :)

Chris Schmidt
South Africa

less equipment to carry around in and out of the water 2:getting shacked easily 3:even on a small days when everyone's bitching about the no surf your still frothing.

Grant Jaques

You can surf pretty much any wave regardless of size and love it.

Willy Cole
East Coast

It comes naturally, makes the learning curve for wave riding very easy. 2. Have fun on any size wave. 3. Easiest way to get a barrel and learn to surf.