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slyde Handplane care and performance

  • Slyde handboards shapers profiles
  • Slyde handboards shapers profiles
  • Slyde handboards shapers profiles

Slyde Handboard care and performance

Slyde: {Ryde Fast}
slyde handplane bamboo woody series: Slyde care and performance

Slyde care for your handplane

How to treat your new slyde handplane 

So you splashed out on a shiny new Handplane and now you want to know how to keep it sparkling and just like new. They are tough but not indestructible.  Firstly; we would suggest riding it like you just don't care, we've had the most fun that way. But there are some general thing to keep in mind to extend the life of your board. Your new Slyde Handboard® needs the same care and attention you would give any other board. The sun is damaging to all boards, polyurethane and epoxy to protect your Slyde Handboard keep it in a Slyde handplane bag - and don't lock it up in a hot car.

  • Do not drop on hard surfaces:

    We designed the handplane bag for this very reason dropping any epoxy board on  will result in cracking keep it in the board bag when traveling 

  • Reduce Handplane exposure to heat and sunlight

    yellow all surfboards over time and should be avoided. Yellowing in polyester boards is caused by a breakdown of the foam and resin. As our epoxy resin yellows, it actually continues to cure and becomes stronger, though somewhat less attractive. Most of our models have a premium car-grade paint application that limits or completely stops the yellowing process.

  • Fix Dings as soon as possible

    Fix Just like any other surfboard, dings should be fixed as soon as possible. Repairs can be done by a local glass shop just remind them to use epoxy resin in accordance with its use and handling instructions. Do not attempt to repair the board with polyester resin. However if you want to save yourself $50 then we recommend Sun Cure Fiber Fill Epoxy Surfboard Repair Kit or if you like mixing your own resin try the the quick Ding all surf repair kit made by the same guys that make sun cure. Please remember to mix the resins correctly. I managed to make a huge mess when I tried to eyeball a mix. My advice it to use proper measuring cups. it seems to be a lot more volatile than polyurethane mixes. The polyester resin will dissolve the extruded polystyrene foam. With normal use, our boards are going to stay in great shape and perform well for many years - so "GO"take it to the limit. and as usual go # get shacked

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Slyde Performance

What makes our handboards so good

Slyde Epoxy Handboards® have a distinct look and feel to any other Handboard on the market, (well, none that we have tried as yet ) most importantly they are expertly shaped. When we are not out saving the world we are working hard at revolutionizing Handboarding and Body surfing. Our boards don't surf like mass produced plastic molded hand boards you'll find at other chain stores and they definitely don't feel or look like them either. We promise, you will never find our boards in any of these massive stores- Slyde Handboards are not these toys. Our careful blend of superior materials and new surfboard shaping technology, produces a stronger, better performing board for an incomparable ride. A few thing to consider 

  • shape:

    months of testing and riding goes into each new model 
  • handplane materials:  

    We use the best possible materials from the foam all the way down to the epoxy and wood veneers we use
  • handplane design:

    We have been designing for all most as long as we have surfing 
As kids we all jacked MacDonald’s food trays to body surf with. Our boards are the next step forward to the future of the sport. We even made a leash so you don't loose your board! now how is that for ingenuity!? Before we all get really worked up and break out into the chorus of Kumbaya! all you really need to remember is These handboards are designed and shaped by professionals…for professionals! Simple, done! Now forget staring at your computer! while you were reading this, someone, somewhere just got shacked and it wasn't you!  go Get barreled cuz! .