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How To Remove The Wax From Your Handboard

have fun

Great reasons to remove your wax

There are various reasons your will want to remove the wax (if you use wax) from your handplane or handboard: here are 3 good ones

  1. 1. The wax is old and mostly sand and dirt
  2. 2. Moving into hot water when you have cold water wax installed or vice versa
  3. 3. You want to install the kung fu grip of legends pad for kung fu like grip

Quick and Easy

Give yourself about 20 minutes. It is not the hardest job in the world, but if it’s not done properly, you will not remove the wax completely and ruin the installation of your Kung Fu Grip. If you are just re-applying wax, never fear. Wax is just going straight over the top anyway.

ingredients for a successful removal

The sun , hairdryer or warm water

Used to soften the wax to be removed

Wax comb or an old /new credit card

used to remove the soft wax from your handplane. This is a pretty cool wax comb from the guys at indoek

Thinners or denatured alcohol

used to removed left over sediment purchased at your local hardware store

20min a beer and a smile

Why not make it two

Step by step

Remove The Handstrap

Remove The Adjustable Hand strap From The Board by unscrewing each side

soften the wax

Softening the wax will make it easy to remove. There are several techniques to softening the wax on your handplane:


Place your board in direct sunlight for about 5 minutes, depending on the degree of sun you have. The wax will turn shiny, become very soft, and even start to drip off. Once it is like that, it is really easy to scrape off.

Warm Water

If you live in a cold climate with no sun, then move! Lol, just kidding. Get some warm to hot water and run it over the board, or submerge the board completely.

Blow Dryer

Better yet, if none of the above are available, a blow drier will do the trick.

remove wax with comb

Once the wax is soft enough, use your wax comb, or an old Ralph's card or credit card to scrape the wax. The wax comb has two sides: the serrated side and the flat side. I prefer to use the flat knife like side from the beginning to scrape the wax off. The serrated edge is to ridge up the wax for extra grip, not to remove it altogether.

Scrape until all the wax is removed from the deck of your handplane. Roll the wax into a ball and throw it at the nearest dude ... wait, we were kidding! Dispose of the big chunk of gnarly looking wax in the correct manner. It's not that good for the environment.

reapply the wax

If you are removing the wax to apply a fresh coat, this is where you stop and reapply the new wax

If You Are Trying To Clean Off The Wax For The Installation Of The Kung Fu Grip Of Legends then you have a little more work to do. so read on below

cleaning to apply the Kung fu grip

cleaning prep for kung-fu placement

The deck has to be 100% clear of wax residue to place the grip on, so don't shirk at this point you have got this far. Let's keep going. Bored? Grab a beer, sit back and admire how far you have come already.

Once you are done admiring, there are a few products that will remove the residue quite quickly.

  1. Pickle Wax Remover
  2. Denatured Alcohol
  3. Baby Oil
  4. Coconut Oil

Removing the wax

Use the pickle wax as directed. If you are using the other three, use a course rag and get some elbow grease going. If you are using the two oils, you will have to rinse off the board with soap (preferably dish soap) to break down the oils. Remember, 100% free of residue.

Once you have a clean deck and you can see your reflection, you have done the job and are ready to apply your Kung Fu Grip of legends. By following these instructions