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joe nickerson

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HOME TOWN: Huntington Beach CA
Date of Birth:  October 7, 2000
Hobbies Bodysurfing, Surf photography
Favorite Surfer: Jamie O'Brien and Mark Cunningham
Motto:"Pain is weakness leaving the body"
Who inspires you the most?: My family and close friends
What is your greatest fear?:Not being able to bodysurf or live near the ocean.
​Last time you wore a tie?: I have no idea
Favorite surf film?:   "COME HELL OR HIGH WATER"
Number one on your bucket list?Travel the world to bodysurf and photograph the ocean's waves.
Favorite waves:  The Wedge, El Morro, Crescent Bay, and Aliso Creek (preferably when it's big)
Favorite maneuvers: Spinners, Airdrops, Lazyboys, and most importantly, getting barreled.
Favorite country to visit or want to visit:Tahiti or Indonesia
What would you do if you won the lottery?:  Travel the world in search of the perfect wave.

Joe's Bio

Joe has been competitively swimming since he was 6 years old and is a former Huntington Beach Junior Lifeguard. He has competed in the last five USA Swimming Junior Olympics and has medaled in more than 1 event. He loves the ocean and bodysurfs year round to better his form and learn new tricks. Joe won 1st place at Chubascos Bodysurfing Contest in Huntington Beach and placed 11th in the World Bodysurfing Championships in Oceanside in 2013. Joe placed 3rd in the Manhattan Beach Surf Festival and also came in 4th in the Chubascos Bodysurfing Contest in 2014.

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