Kahi Aspelund

Slyde Art [SYN•DI•CATE]

Art collaboration/Background:

Slyde Handboards texture artist, Sketch Club Hawaii,Aaron Batara , Mr.Ramsay TakiNeko, Chocolate Extacy, Amanda sketchclubhawaii


kahiart.carbonmade kahiart.blogspot

Kahi is from the sunny isle of Oahu, where his love for art was inspired by a coconut related "incident". From there, he swam toSan Francisco where he studied under some of the most prestigious artists working in the field today. Now-a-days he spends his days sitting in a dark room surrounded by huge nerds and makes 3d objects all colorful and shiny. At night he holds his daughter and sings her lulla-byes about forbidden and forgotten lore.


Art by Kahi

Kahi slyde handboards and bodysurfer handplanes artist


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