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lara Meintjes

Lara was created in the early eighties when George Lucas’s imagination got bored and went fishing with Timothy Leary. She developed slowly under a tree somewhere in Africa before she too caught the boredom virus. She then created a small, average, jewish looking person to inhabit and hitchhiked across the galaxy searching for the antidote to the dreaded virus, or at least something to amuse her in the meantime.She doesn't know anything about grammar but does, in fact, have a grandma or two. So far Blogging, Procreation,Insane Musicians and Good Cheese have kept her reasonably well occupied but the Hitchhikers Guide is in her back pocket and she is ready to set off again, tackling punctuation, cooking, dancing and a particularly large sea bass along the way... stay tuned! [and just so you don't ask - yes I have seen Yentl, and no - I don't]

lara meintjies handplane artists​ 

Art by lara

lara meintjies slyding handboarder and bodysurfer artist


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