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Lauren Callahan

Slyde Art [SYN•DI•CATE]

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Slyde Handboards,

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Laurens Bio

Lauren Callahan was born and raised in West Chester, PA. As a young artist ,she began executing projects from painting murals to professionally illustrating a children's book before she graduated high school. In 2001, Lauren moved to Philadelphia, PA to pursue a fine arts degree at Tyler School of Art, a branch of Temple University. While attending Tyler, Lauren studied a variety of mediums such as drawing, painting, glassblowing, photography and ceramics. In fall of 2004, she was accepted into the elite Temple Study Abroad Program in Rome, Italy. It was one of the best experiences she could ever have as an artist. Her adventures in Europe inspired a lot of her printmaking work when she returned to Philadelphia. During her early twenties while she worked on her degree, Lauren worked as an Arts and Crafts counselor for a local West Chester children's day camp in the summer. In the Fall of 2006, Lauren was offered a position creating patterns for a famous costume design company called Fabrications in South Philly. She contributed to making elaborate costumes for many of the Fancy Brigades in the Philadelphia Mummer's Parade 2007. After graduating from Tyler School of Art in August 2008, with a B.F.A in Printmaking, Lauren moved to Southern California where she currently resides. Her passion for surfing, skateboarding and snowboarding continue to influence her art work.

Art by Lauren

Lauren Callahan slyde artist for the syndidkit
Lauren Callahan  slyding handboarder and bodysurfer artist
Lauren Callahan slyde handboards and bodysurfer handplanes artist
Lauren Callahan  slyde handboards and bodysurfer handplanes artis