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Originally from a small town in Connecticut called Simsbury, Lynnie grew up with a love for snowboarding and illustration and knew that her life had to always revolve around those two things. Her plan was to one day live in a mountain town surrounded by snow while living the luxurious life of a snowboard designer. After 4 (and a half) years of college at Plymouth State University in New Hampshire, a degree in Graphic Design, and a short stay in Colorado (where she snagged a husband), Lynnie finally settled down in Carlsbad California (nowhere near snow and very much at sea level). It was here that her art finally began to take shape in the form of custom boards, hand painted shoes, and other illustrations & design.

In 2011 she created Deckorskate (, a company that creates custom personalized skate, surf and snowboards. Whoever orders a deck from Lynnie gives her information about their lives, song lyrics, inside jokes, an overall theme or other personal details that represent who they are and Lynnie incorporates them into the design of the deck. Each board is a made to order deck she explains "This week a guy in Colorado contacted me wanting a drawing of a tiger wearing a three piece suit. I LIVE for projects like that because they are so unique and no one else will have it" What makes her company different is that every deck is completely hand drawn and one of a kind, not spit out of a machine in a factory somewhere, and although they can be used to skate around town they usually just look awesome hanging on a wall. "My style is very detailed, humorous and clean but dirty with a tomboyish look...I am a lady though, I still write my curses in cursive" she laughs. "I love the idea of clean, simple lines but somehow always end up drawing details until my hand taunts me with later-in-life-arthritis." "Each board takes me hours of work...if not weeks, but the trade off is that while I design them I get to learn about the person I'm creating it for, and I have always been a sucker for a good story."


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