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Ryan Hansen

Have Fun
HOME TOWN: Huntington Beach, California
Date of Birth:  December 11, 2004
Hobbies Body surfing, Water Polo, Surfing, And Fishing
MOTTO "Live Like Larry"
Who inspires you the most?: My Family Because They Always Keep Me Motivated
Living In A Place Where There Is No Waves
Favorite NON surf film?:  CaddyShack
Number one on your bucket list? Win The World Bodysurfing Championship
Favorite waves:  Salt Creek or Wedge
Favorite maneuvers: Spinner, Getting Pitted, Airdrops, And Underwater Takeoffs
Favorite country to visit or want to visit: Tahiti
What would you do if you won the lottery?: I Would Say Donate It All To Charity But Then I Would Be Lying So, I Would Probably Buy A One Way Ticket To Tahiti And See What Happens From There.

Ryan's Bio

Ryan is the junior winner of the inaugural slyde handboarding competition. Ryan has been a Huntington Beach local for his whole life and lives with his two sisters Bailey, Piper, and his mom Sara and his dad Don. Ryan plays water polo for Huntington Beach Water Polo Club and loves the sport! He enjoys all thing involving water including bodysurfing, water polo, surfing, and surf photography. Ryan is also a Huntington Beach City Junior Lifeguard and a student at Sowers Middle School.  

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