Sam Milner

Slyde Art [SYN•DI•CATE]

Art collaboration/Background:

Surfing magazine, Ocean and Earth, Listen Skateboards

Website: Who is 5am

Sam is an avid designer that has a passion for mixed media design work. I am always thriving to research and gain more creative knowledge so my abilities could be endless with new design skills. I am a graduate of the Art Institute with my degree in graphic design.

I’m very personable, but dedicated and focused in clutch settings. My ideal situation would be to combine my energy, personality, and creative techniques into a well rounded job. Overall, I am a hard working, eager to learn, don't complain because it’s a waist of time individual.


Art by sam "aka" 5am for slyde

sam milner slyde handboards and bodysurfer handplanes artist


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