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Our reviews and testimonials all come from unsolicited remarks ,comment and emails from guys and girls like you and me who have tried out our boards and felt the stoke. If you were totally amped on your slyde please drop us a line and let us know at Support{at}slydehandboards.com We love hearing about the awesome time you guys are having on our boards, It makes it all worthwhile. We are here to promote and bring the stoke of bodysurfing and handboarding to as many people as we can.

slyde handplanes review john maher handboards for bodysurfing epic barrels

John Maher

Local Break: Wind 'n Sea

"Holy crap the handboard works insane!!! Nice job man, trippin on it. powering out of closeout barrels and everything, SO FUN!" READ JOHN'S FULL REVIEW

slyde handplanes body surfing handboards reviews

Farrell Israelson

Local Break: Israel

"Well what can I say. It's been almost a year since I got my first handboard from you guys and I honestly don't think i'll ever touch my surfboard again :) Your product is amazing and so much fun! Even the local surfers don't curse me out anymore for stealing their waves - some have even tried my board and were mighty stoked at the speed it generates on the waves.

slyde handplanes body surfing handboards reviews collin goodrow

Collin Goodrow

Local Break: New England

""We were able to give the handboards a go during our trip and we are just blown away! I bodysurf quite a bit and have made countless numbers of handplanes and I have to say that these are some of the best, most comfortable, and fastest boards we have used!!!"

slyde handplanes body surfing handboards reviews

Harley Conrad

Local Break: Florida

"Hey guys. I wanted to drop you a line about the handboards. I've had my wedge for about a year now and have used it from the NC coast to FL. LOVE IT man! I get out a couple times a month (live three hours inland) and have yet to find a better plane. I make some of my own when Im bored but they just don't compare. The new designs for the wedge are sick! Keep it up! Thanks for making a fantastic product."

slyde handplanes body surfing handboards reviews

Brett Reisdorf

Local Break: Solana beach

"Got some epic waves. I have this insane barrel pic from the handboard. I pulled into this glassy little nugg with the gopro on it"

slyde handplanes body surfing handboards reviews

Nick Tooman

Local Break:La Jolla

"At some point in time, every surfer gets burnt out. Whether it be poor surf for weeks, or just not surfing like you usually do. When you start to get this feeling, grab a slyde board and go have some fun. Get barreled, get pummeled, get sand in your face. It will reinstate your love for the ocean."

slyde handboards handplanes body surfing reviews from tiffany joh

Tiffany J

Local Break: San Diego, CA

"I travel a ton for my job so I wanted to be able to enjoy the waves even when I go overseas. Angela and Steve were so amazing about helping me get set up with the right one. Just took it out this morning for the first time and had the most FUN I'VE EVER HAD in the water. All the older guys in the parking lot were probably wondering why I was giggling hysterically after my session. Can't wait to take this on the road with me! Thanks guys!"

slyde handboards handplanes body surfing reviews

Spencer Higgs

Local Break: Florida

I got out on it yesterday. By California standards, it wasn't even rideable... barely so by even Florida's standards, but it was so much fun. First knee-high wave resulted in a tiny-shore-break-tube. Love this thing, man! I'm praying we get our usual Spring super swell!"

slyde handboards handplanes body surfer reviews

Koi Hallonquist

Local Break: Sandys Beach, Hawaii

"The board is sick thanks so much, I love the graphic, and I was totally surprised with board bag, that's huge. Took both boards out to west side this past weekend, had a blast and let some little groms try the boards, they will be saving up their lunch money. I'm behind your company, great products and killer customer service."

slyde handboards handplanes body surfer reviews

Grant Schofield

Local Break: Merewether, NSW, Aus

"I was amazed by the speed I could get on the board, I found myself having to either stall or do turns to stop from 'out running' the wave which is unheard of while bodysurfing normally! The difference the boards were amazing; they really can be the difference between the wave of the session or just another"

slyde handboards handplanes body surfer reviews

Rodney Harvey

Local Break: Del mar, San Diego

" I have used the handboard a few times of late and love it. Rugby killed my knees and ankles over the years so spending ages getting into position and staying there takes its toll pretty quick with fins on but with the board I found it gave me enough buoyancy to hang out there way longer. The rides were tons of fun as well...I am impressed!"

slyde handboards handplanes body surfer reviews

daniel carr

Local Break: New South Wales ,aus

" Just wanted to let you and the team know that I am absolutely stoked with the Woody cobra. Having some awesome fun with it, sorry if it looks like I'm spamming #slydehandboards on Instagram but am having a blast with the gopro and shameless selfie sessions. Get plenty of lookers and questions when I'm out the back, even gave a couple of groms ago. New range looks awesome. The timbers are just sweet. "

slyde handboards handplanes body surfer reviews

Cameron P

Local Break: Waimea Bay ,Hawaii

"Hey, I bought a slyde from you guys a couple months back and I had said I would send a video of it being used at Waimea, WATCH HERE hope you enjoy happy new year to you and everyone down at slyde. You guys have a awesome product. i love my slyde haha.""

slyde handboards handplanes body surfer reviews

Adam Lee

Local Break: Secret spot ,New Zealand

"Surf is going to be 6-8 foot this weekend and can’t wait as my slyde board makes it easy to drive down the line. Every time I come out of the water after using if I am stoked…and I can’t say that about surfing. This thing is just sweet as!"

Tom Jacka South Piha waitangi day bodysurfing

Tom Jacka

Local Break:South Piha,New Zealand

"I would just like you to understand one thing... I had so many emotions flushing through me, damn near heavenly playing around at piha that day, and that emotion was built with your hands and an idea. It has made me all fired up inside to learn more and practice, it was our first time on a bodysurfing board of any kind and it handled so incredible


Frothing Enthusiast!!!"

wayne bird granville australia bodysurfing

wayne b

Local Break: Granville ,Australia

"This is the best thing I've purchased in many years, I'm spending more time in the water than ever before with my 8 year old son who is so STOKED seeing his old man getting SHACKED!!! Problem is now is him say'in, can I have a go dad, can I have a go dad!!! I love my SLYDE HANDBOARD I'm totally STOKED thanks."

slyde  handboards handplanes body surfing reviews

Zach Hawkins

Local Break: Dana Point, Orange County

"I used the board today at really crowded creek. I've never used a better handplane at first I thought the size might be to much but it was still really responsive and it was so fast I past a surfer who burned me!"

slyde  handboards handplanes body surfing reviews

Wayne F

Local Break:Bondi , Australia

"I emailed Steve about a year ago questioning the size of your boards. I did the measurements and just thought "way too big" I purchased an Enjoy handplane instead but have always wondered what your boards were like. Since they were on sale I thought I would give them a go. Took a couple of surfs to get used to the larger size but I must say I'm impressed with the power and speed you can generate with your boards. They look amazing also. Well done."

slyde  handboards handplanes body surfing reviews

Chris B

Local Break:Newport Beach, California

"Stoked on these handplanes! They worked extremely well and brought endless smiles to an intrepid session! Thanks Slyde!"

dave grisbyslyde  handboards handplanes body surfing reviews

Dave G

Local Break:Santa Cruz, California

"Normally I’ll board surf one of the busier pointbreaks on the eastside of Santa Cruz and battle it out with the crowds for an hour. Then hop in my truck, still in my suit and sitting on a plastic bag, drive a few blocks to 26th Ave, take out my fins and Wedge or Phish and hit the friendly bodysurfing vibe for an hour or two. I always wind up catching sooooo many more waves than on a board and get waaaaaaay more shakas and smiles, too. Definitely a great way to shake out the frustration with crowds. "