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the seventh year

7 years ago this month me and my buddy Russ started Slyde (a childhood dream) out of a dumpy little garage in Venice Beach, California. It has been a wild ride and I have met and made friends with so many incredible people over the last 7 years. Including my awesome wife and business partner Ange. It has been a humbling and incredible experience to have been a part of such an awesome community of people and to watch the growth of the company and most importantly to see the stoke handboarding has brought to so many people around the world.

The super slick slyde grom

The Slyde Grom is the ultimate shred stick that will turn your bodysurfing session into the time of your life. Made with super advanced construction, an ultra buoyant EPS foam core and extra sticky EBS top skin with a buttery smooth HPDE slick bottom that will have you racing down any wave like a pro, no matter your skill level.

Slyde ultra protective boardbag

Protect your seventh anniversary set from the elements! This board bag, is built to protect, FULLSTOP! This handboard bag is a culmination of over 4 years of testing, finding out what fits, what works and what protects your seventh anniversary set the best. All new added features, with top loading zipper to accommodate placing the leash in with the bag and a lot more great functionality, space , comfort and protection.

Slyde bicep leash

The very first and best bicep leash for Handboarding

  • Strengthened mold to leash attachment with incorporated swivel
  • Stainless steel 360°swivel reduces tangling and twisting
  • Urethane: the world's best and favorite leash material
  • Non fading decals

The leus poncho - keep safe keep warm

However you live your Slyde Life, in a wetsuit, boardshorts, cycling, snowboarding, tuxedo you name it the Leus Poncho is the ultimate portable changing room. Warm, dry and comfy with perfect length for any size. The Leus towel is bright, colorful so you can change safely in the parking by being more visible to drivers.

The leus hi vis Poncho

The comfy hi visibility changing poncho

  • 100% COTTON CONSTRUCTION - The best material for keeping you warm and dry.
  • BRIGHT COLORS – Keep safe when changing.
  • BUTTERY SMOOTH – Forget that towel that feels like sandpaper on your gloriously soft skin
  • ROOMY HOOD AND HIGH FIVES - The Leus towel has that extra roomy hood for that ultimate cozy-factor

Zak Noyle Dafin - the fin of legends

Choosing good fins as a handboarder is the next step after choosing the right board that will turn an average day in the water into one of the best with the new limited edition Zak Noyle Black and red dafin

Zak Noyle Limited edition dafin

The very  best fins for Handboarding

  • Super light weight made for the "Travel light" ethos of Handplaning and bodysurfing
  • The most Comfortable fins you are likely to ever try with the insanely soft Foot pocket
  • Incredible Propulsion beyond anything you have tried before
  • They get a 9/10 rating on the slyde