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The Bodysurfers Workout Guide

Epic Wave Riding

Tips and tricks to improve your fitness

This guide will serve as a complete Workout-Program to become a better bodysurfer and score more waves.

the bodysurfers fitness guide

An easy to follow training plan to stay healthy and fit even on the flattest days.

Flat days or being landlocked are a bodysurfers worst nightmare. Although this is not the time to be salty and stoked, take it as an opportunity to improve your waterman skills along with physical fitness. Optimizing “lay-days” will  ensure that you’re mentally and physically ready when the next big swell hits.

Guest article by Patrick Reiners:fitness-professional, yoga-teacher and speaker who travels the world to help and show his students the beauty of life and fitness. want more?  find him on  instagram.com/patagypsy  - Please Note squads are squats and visa versa - we'll call it a lost in translation

how to choose the best bodysurfing leashes
What physically makes a good bodysurfer?

The best bodysurfers has strong paddle power in their arms and legs, and a very good core-strength to keep the balance in the wave. They also have flexibility, key to surviving wipeouts without any injury. Last but not least, they have a well-working cardiovascular-system, imperative to stay hours after hours in the lineup .

fitness routine for bodysurfers
Treat your body like an athlete

Remember bodysurfers are real athletes it’s more than a sport, it is an attitude and lifestyle. In order to handle all the different skills necessary to enhance your bodysurfing skills, it’s best to divide your workout-program into different parts and split your training up throughout the week. By dividing up your workout routine, you’ll find you are better focused and you won’t burn out as quickly from the routine.

4 tips before you start

Before diving into the specific Workout-Program for Bodysurfers, we’d like to share some basic tips that will help prepare you for living a healthy lifestyle.

how to choose the best bodysurfing leashes the bicep leash cord

Carlos takes it to another level. However, if you don't have a frozen river handy,take a cold shower every morning. Start on your feet and move slowly up to your head. Benefit: You will wake up very quickly. Your Immune system will get stronger, your body will be able to fight against all the diseases, and this will help you spend more time in the water even in the coldest days of the year. ( Trust me, I am used to go bodysurfing in snow and never get sick.)

learn to hold your breath longer
2. Take a breath

Become comfortable holding your breath for a long periods of time. Start with different breathing- techniques, use meditation and read this tutorial about learning to hold your breath longer Benefit: It’s easy to take every Wipeout with a smile, because you are confident in your ability to stay under water for minutes. Staying calm in every Situation will help you as well in your daily Life, anytime you encounter trouble, stress and problems

eating healthy for bodysurfing vegetables fruit, nuts
3. Watch your diet

Eat smart and healthy. Let your body feel energy from your food rather than waste the energy by trying to process and digest it. Refuse any processed foods, and consciously choose what food goes into your body. Benefit: Your body will stay strong and healthy. You will always have enough energy for your daily activities. Always remember, your body is an engine, and you would never fill your car-engine with fried fat, would you?

know your limits bodysurfing and handboarding
4. know your limits

If you feel out your depth when you look at it probably a good idea to hang back till you feel comfortable. Know your limits and listen to your body. Your Body talks to you every second of the day, tune in and listen to it. Is the wave to big? Is the next breath-hold to long? Is my workout-program to much for me today? Is a rest-day necessary? Protect yourself and trust your body knows best. Benefit: You will learn to find out exactly what’s best for your body and for you! An Injury is never fun, and will throw you off course, sometimes for months to come. If you know your limits, you’ll uncover new skill-sets that will help take you to the next level.

Top tips

These 4 Tips are helpful for your daily routine and you could start implementing them immediately. The next big part is the splitting up your workout-program and the workout-plan. What’s even cooler is you don't need a gym or expensive machines.

The Fitness-Workout for Bodysurfers requires only your Body.

Below is an example of atypical weekly routine. The core focus is improving bodysurfing skills and a healthy life. adapt this to your own personal needs.

Day Activity
Monday Yoga & Plan A
Tuesday Breath-holding, Meditation
wednesday Swimming/ Jogging / Biking
thursday Yoga & Plan B
Friday Breath-holding, Meditation
saturday Swimming/ Jogging / Biking
sunday Surfing, funny things, rest, watch DvDs, wash your Wetsuit

It’s simple and you’re probably ready to get started?

First let’s review what does Plan A and Plan B stands for.

Remember this is a Split-Plan for your Basic-Workout. The combination of both will cover all needs for a better Bodysurfing, including: Strength, flexibility, balance and cardio-training.


Exercise Variation
JumpSquats Squats
QuickFeet Jogging
Jumping SplitSquats SplitSquats
Plank with Leg2Ellbow Plank
Pushup with kick Pushups
Leglift Elevator Leglift
DeadCircles Hyperextension

Plan A Video

Your bodysurf training guide


Exercise Variation
Pistol Squats SplitSquats
Dands Push ups
Sideplank L/R Plank
L-Sit One-Leg L-Sit
Table Easy Style
Beach-Position Single-Leg


Your bodysurf training guide

The absolutely minimum is 2 Rounds!

It’s essential you will do all exercises in a row, without a break. When you are done with all 8 Exercises take a break for 1 -2 Minutes. After the break you’ll start again. It's a circle-training program, you’ll repeat the rounds as much as you have time or your body is able to handle it.

  1. 45 seconds per exercise.
  2. 8 Exercises x 45 sec. = 6 Minutes including 1 Minute break
  3. Minimum of 2 Rounds is 14 Minutes

Plan A and Plan B are the basis for your Workout-Routine. The variation are ways to make the exercise a little bit more easy. If you have more time available in your weekly schedule, insert additional cross-trainings techniques you like. The best way to stay fit for surfing and bodysurfing is to get out there as much as possible. Bodysurfing is one of the best fitness full body routines out there and its fun! Stay smiling and keep stoked!