SECRET STASH - The Slyde Grom Soft Top



Congratulations you qualify for the Secret Stash. The Slyde Secret Stash is a family, friends and members-only pricing and package deal pricing with limited time and quantity

The Slyde Grom is the ultimate starter shred stick that will turn your bodysurfing session into the time of your life. Made with super advanced construction, an ultra buoyant EPS foam core and extra sticky EBS top skin with a buttery smooth HPDE slick bottom that will have you racing down any wave like a pro, no matter your skill level

The Grom Soft top Fun board

The Grom handboard

The Grom Soft Top Handboard

Great for even the most skilled Handboarders

”Perfect blend of soft foam and functional shape excellent fun-board. Something that I'm not worried will take out a tooth, but can give a big boost of lift and speed. " Sean Enoka - Kaha Nalu

We Call It Bump Friendly

Constructed with a durable foam core and a super soft water tight outer foam skin that won't hurt you even on the biggest wave.

Barrel Hunter

The soft top construction is the perfect material to make the most out of pounding shorebreak and perfect barrels without worrying about hurting yourself on the board

The Most Compact Portable Wave Riding Tool

Carry less - don't be a pack mule and travel light less hassle more time for fun

Compare To Other Wave Craft

Compare the Grom handboard to other wave riding water craft and you get the picture. For 1 tenth the size you can have the time of your life

More Buoyancy = More Lift

The incredible buoyancy of the Grom allows you, the rider to get far higher out of the water and therefore longer and faster wave rides than ever before

Treat It Mean and Keep It Keen

We have spent over a year shaping and testing to find just the right materials and manufacturing process that would stand up to all you can throw at it, this is one tough foamy.

The Most Fun You'll Have In The Water

The slyde Grom is the ultimate starter shred stick that will turn your body surfing session into the time of your life. The Grom is made with super advanced construction, an ultra-buoyant foam core and an extra sticky grip top skin with a buttery slick bottom that will have you Slyding down any wave like a pro, no matter your skill level.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We Stand Behind Everything We Sell. If You Are Not 100% Satisfied With Your Slyde Purchase, You Can Return It For A Replacement Or Refund If Your Item Has A Manufacturing Defect In Its Materials Or Workmanship, You Can Return It At Any Time.

Reviews you can trust

Ships everywhere

We have shipped to well over 30 countries to date and counting. Join the global revolution and get that uncontrollable smile after getting shacked on a handboard.


Is the size too big, other handboards are smaller

The answer to this is always the same; Try it, It is the perfect size to get the most lift and speed out of waves ranging between 1 to 7 feet. If you dont like it, return it we wont mind.

Can I use a leash

Yes you can. You can check out our accessories here

Can I return it if I dont like it

Absolutely, We stand behind our products if you dont like something about it then please return it for a full refund, no questions asked. for more quuestions visit our FAQ page here