SECRET STASH - The Phish Bubblegum Handboard for bodysurfing with GoPro Attachment

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Slyde Secret Stash

THE SLYDE PHISH BUBBLEGUM. The bubblegum rides as tasty as it looks. Don't let the soft pink and mint freshness fool you. This girl rides like a bat outta hell. The only way to put the Bubblegum ride into words is that it feels like the moment you blow your first bubblegum bubble… pure satisfaction! If I was to name her again it would be, sweet, speedy, smooth and super cruisy. But that a bit of a mouthful so we went for the Bubblegum because reminds us of one of our favorite things. Read more below

the phish handboard

The Classic Speed Board

The Phish is the fastest board in the Slyde collection and performs best in medium to large surf or fast breaking waves. The perfectly crafted, pinched rails, slight concave and rolled hull design allow you to effortlessly pick your line and speed down the wave with optimal propulsion.

The inspiration for the Phish shape comes from the classic retro fish boards of the 1970's. With the deep cut fish tail and long flowing outline that allows the water to flow smoothly and uninterrupted down the entire length of the rails and effortless released out the back. Don’t be surprised when you get an in and out barrel.

The Phish has a urethane foam core and a high tensile strength TPU flak jacket outer layer laminate that decreases the board weight, and adds incredible buoyancy and strength, meaning more lift and higher shred capabilities. An obvious choice for any waterman or woman’s quiver.

Slyde Team

precision manufacturing

Our patented shapes goes through years of testing and refining to perfect. We stop at nothing to create a shape that not only represents our brand but also the kind of shape and board we would personally ride.

A board that is perfect for medium to large surf and also a board that will perform really well in any condition you choose to ride it. There are over 30 individual steps and hours of labor that go into making every Slyde Handboard. We stop at nothing to make the perfect wave riding machine. We are innovators and designers that strive to use all the technology at our disposal to create the most advanced and perfectly shaped handboards.

Screen printed graphics

At Slyde we use the screen printing (serigraphy) graphic application process for both the deck and bottom of the board, this means scratch resistance and color brilliance never before seen on a handboard. This is the most advanced handboard in the world. It will blow you away

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