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Phish Handboard

The Classic Speed Board The Phish is the fastest board in the Slyde collection and performs best in medium to large surf or fast-breaking waves. The perfectly crafted, pinched rails, slightly concave, and rolled hull design allow you to effortlessly pick your line and speed down the wave with optimal propulsion.

  • 🌊 SPEED DEMON Built for speed and smoothness. Great for intermediate and advanced riders.
  • 👍 GUARANTEEWe stand behind the Phish to last. we guarantee against defects in materials and workmanship - HIGHLY DURABLE High-density Polyurethane foam core for a perfect combination of lightness, strength, and buoyancy. A flak jacket high-pressure laminate outer layer technology for insane added strength, and never fade screen printed graphics. These boards will last year after year.
  • 🌊 BEST IN THE BIG STUFF Designed the Phish Performs best in medium to large surf or fast-breaking waves. Reinforced resin hardened rails to reduce rail damage and allow effortless riding
  • 💓 FAMILY OWNED A RUN BEST QUALITY HANDBOARD IN THE INDUSTRY SINCE 2010 Based in San Clemente, California. Slyde Handboards manufacturing process is the most advanced in the handboard industry using only the best materials that will last you a lifetime of fun!.
  • 📷 ADJUSTABLE STRAP AND GO PRO READY Strap fits any size hand, Each Phish handboard strap is padded for extra comfort and held in place with big wave surfing tow-in plugs and stainless steel screws. An extra-safe GoPro mount insert comes standard, for endless selfies.
  • Materials:   Epoxy, urethane, fiberglass, and 2mm 3D textured TPU Flak Jacket high tensile laminate
  • Weight :699 gm / 24 oz with strap
  • Dimensions: 18 in x 9.1 in  (40.72 cm x 23.32 cm)
  • Overall:A rolled hull design that channels the water under and out the slight back concave. The Phish has long straight rails that help to reduce drag and increase speed
  • Wave Size:Designed for most waves over 3 ft. Handles well really well on an open face with lots of space to crank into 5th gear
  • Skill Level: The phish shape is a speed board and great for picking a line and gunning for it
  • Free shipping on all orders over $79 in the United States. Our return policy is simple: We offer a 30-day return or exchange policy for all boards and products in original packaging.


A run through on the features

Designed and built for you

The Phish funboard is the fastest board in the Slyde collection and performs best in medium to large surf or fast-breaking waves. Its pinched rail, slight concave and rolled-hull design provide optimized speed and smooth paddling, while still maintaining full maneuverability for tricks, glide or quick bursts of speed. Two winged fins deliver extra maneuverability, acceleration and lift in critical conditions.

built to last

We have dedicated years to finding the best possible way to make our boards, there are over 30 individual steps that go into building every Slyde Handboard. We design them to last, the high-tech materials that we use make them as strong as they are beautiful. We took the guesswork and error out of the shape by using the most advanced manufacturing process ever, decreasing weight, increasing buoyancy, and giving you the longest ride you will ever have on a hardboard.

The shape - The speed board

The inspiration for the Phish shape comes from the classic retro fish boards of the 1970's. With the deep cut fish tail and long flowing outline that allows the water to flow smoothly and uninterrupted down the entire length of the rails and effortless released out the back. Don’t be surprised when you get an in and out barrel.

Featured on Shark Tank

Slyde and The wedge were featured on ABC'S Shark Tank and are now proud partners with Ashton Kutcher and Mark Cuban

Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
Robert Wilson
Phish handboard

I'm a repeating customer I own 3 hand boards . I'm not sold on the phish, I've tried it on small and big days and the performance is jus awful. When riding on the wave the water displacement is awful, I was unable to see anything because of the water shooting in my face so wave riding was not enjoyable. If possible I would like to trade it for the bula model. Mahalo 🤙

best ever

I have a number of hand planes. The Phish is the best. It's the Andreini Vaquero of hand planes...and I say this as someone who has a Vaquero.

Michael F.
Phish handboard

I'm new to Slyde, i bought the Phish after purchasing the Grom & the Wedge! I've been bodysurfing for 40 years here in the Hamptons on Long Island and the Slyde boards create small crowds every time there are waves to use them in. Everyone wants to know all about them! They are super fun and the learning curve is pretty quick. Most of the time we have shore breaks here and Slyde makes even small waves fun. As with all bodysurfing on shore breaks, you take a beating in shallow breaks! Start off with a Grom to save some money and get used to it, i Guarantee you'll be back for another board like the Phish or Wedge! Lets go play in the ocean! I love my Slyde's, i want a Bula but their soldout!

Hi Michael, Happy you love your Slyde!! New boards coming at the end of December!

Kevin K.
Phish Handboard

The Briny Rhino Review
I’ve been bodysurfing for 52 years.
I just got back in last year. The Phish is a beastly super charger in Maine surf!
I just got 5’ barrel last week.
360 sucked my nrs gloves and goggles off my body. Who Cares.
The DaFins are vastly Superior to OG fins I started with.
Peace more Surf.

William F.
Phat, in all the right places....

The perfect hand board for waves with less push than you might wish for: it drains every ounce of energy out of the wave. And yet, in bigger, faster stuff, it works like a charm too. The perfect addition to any quiver.