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Wedge Handboard

The everyday board. An exceptionally popular board with beginners wanting to take their riding to the next level, the Wedge shape is designed to shred everyday surf.

    • 🌊 BEST QUALITY IN THE INDUSTRY SINCE 2010.We are a family-run company based in San Clemente, California. The Slyde Wedge manufacturing process is the most advanced in the industry, using only the best materials that will last you a lifetime of fun!
    • 🌴 TONS OF FUN.Investor Mark Cuban says Handboards is "The perfect surfer starter kit" handboards heighten the fun of bodysurfing by giving you more lift, faster rides, and greater control when riding the wave.
    • 🔥 GUARANTEE.We stand behind our boards, and we guarantee against defects in materials and workmanship.
    • 🔨 HIGHLY DURABLE.High-density Polyurethane foam core for a perfect combination of lightness, strength, and buoyancy. A high-pressure TPU laminate outer layer technology for insane added strength, and never-fade, eco-friendly printed graphics. These boards will last year after year.
    • 🎉 EASY TO USE, FOR ALL AGES AND SKILL LEVELS. The Wedge is great for newbies or intermediate riders. It works best in 1-7 foot waves, and the included Go-Pro mounting plug and leash plug attachment allows you to capture your stoke and helps to keep your camera safe.
    • ⚖️ PORTABLE AND LIGHTWEIGHT.Compared to other wave riding tools, a Slyde board offers compact and ease of use with all the same fun. Handboards are the most travel-friendly wave riding toy. It's small enough to fit in a backpack. DON'T BE A PACK MULE, TRAVEL LIGHT!
    • ✔️ ADJUSTABLE STRAP AND WATER CAMERA READY.The Wedge handboard strap fits just about any size hand; each Wedge handboard strap is padded for extra comfort and held in place with big wave surfing tow-in plugs and stainless steel screws. An extra-safe GoPro mount insert comes standard for endless selfies. The Wedge handboard is a great board that offers more surface area and longer rides from newbies to the experienced water person.


  • Materials: High-density epoxy foam core, Epoxy, urethane, fiberglass, and 2mm TPU Flak Jacket high tensile laminate for ultimate strength to weight ratio
  • Weight: 650gm / 22oz with strap
  • Dimensions: 19.8 in x 10.1 in  (50.2 cm x 26.7 cm)
  • Overall: Tight rails with a single deep concave and double swallowtail with wings/ nubs for wave face grip.
  • Wave Size: Designed for 1-5 ft. Handles well in most wave types.
  • Skill Level: The Wedge shape is another great all-around wave board pick the right conditions you feel most comfortable in, and she will do the rest.
  • Free shipping on all orders over $79 in the United States. Our return policy is simple: We offer a 30-day return or exchange policy for all unused boards and products in original packaging.


A run through on the features

Designed and built for you

The inspiration for the Wedge shape comes from the short boards of the late 80's. With the swallow tail and distinct double hard wings that not only allow for points of water release out the back but also help in preventing spray back. The break in outline from the wings allows for extra width without an excessive curve to the tail. The concave running almost the entire length of the board funnels water in under the rocker and out the back, this creates more speed and again less/no spray back. The extra width at the center point where the palm sits means the Wedge is far more forgiving and stable when riding for uninitiated to handboarding. It is primarily a beginner's board but the more experienced will love this as it shreds anything. This board will catch whatever you want to catch.

built to last

We have dedicated years to finding the best possible way to make our boards, there are over 30 individual steps that go into building every slyde handboard. We make them to last, the high tech materials that we use make them as strong as they are beautiful. We took the guess work and error out of the shape by using the most advanced manufacturing process ever, decreasing weight, increasing buoyancy and giving you the longest ride you will ever have on a handboard.

the shape

The Wedge shape is designed and built to shred every-day surf, by every-day I mean average surf; the stuff we ride in between real swells. The Wedge is a 90% solution! However, it is so much fun the other 10% you will probably wish you had it. I have ridden everything from 15 foot Indonesian bombs on reef break to blown out days on a local beach break. It is fair to say the Wedge shape will take on all conditions and is a whole lot of fun!

Featured on Shark Tank

Slyde and The wedge were featured on ABC'S Shark Tank and are now proud partners with Ashton Kutcher and Mark Cuban

Customer Reviews

Based on 200 reviews
Vandy Savage
Excellent customer service and 3 new awesome Slyde handboards

Our family is treating ourselves to a winter escape from Canada by heading to Hawaii in December. Eager to try something new, we found Slyde online and kitted ourselves out. The Wedge Handboards look great. One was damaged upon arrival and Slyde immediately sent us a replacement. Good people. Good product.

Yuliya Sinyagovskaya

Wedge Handboard

Jeff Herrera
the Wedge Handboard

Hands down the Slyde Handboards are the best I've ever used .. solid built , with excellent control. The form factor is so perfect you can literally ride a 1 foot wave to dry sand with it ..

chris biondi
Way fun

Have only used this a few times but it is a huge improvement over my old hand gun. Well made, great planing. My daughter, who is small is rocking waves as well. Waiting for some bigger waves to really put it through its paces and curious to compare it to the other slyde boards, but very pleased so far. Was a little worried about the price, but I think worth the extra cost. Good solid product, well designed and lots of fun.

Thank you for choosing the Wedge Handboard, Chris! We're happy to hear you're enjoying it and that your daughter is too. It's great to see people of all sizes enjoying our boards. We appreciate your feedback on the price and are glad you feel it is worth the extra cost. We continue to design and test new products with the same level of quality and attention to detail as our first board, so your satisfaction is important to us. Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.

Little River, SC
These are definitely THE handboards to own

Don’t waste time and money evaluating other handboards - go with Slyde.

They’re exceptional in all aspects.