• willy cole best bodysurfing handboard in the world
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Slyde:{Ryde Fast}
willy cole best bodysurfing handboard in the world

Welcome to the Slyde Handboards talent pool of team ryders. Our team ryders are cruising the coast for sick gnarly shorebreak to hammer away at. These guys and girls rock and there will be more plenty more to come. We love our team!!

What is a Slyde ambassador?

Simply put, our Stoke Ambassadors are an elite group of Slyders who stand behind Slyde Handboards and are willing to share their experiences, pictures and videos with others through social media, blogs, and review sites.

What are the perks?

First and foremost You are part of the Slyde Family (we are very cool)

  • Online Recognition: Brag to your friends by being featured on Slyde's social media channels.
  • Exclusivity: Receive special Slyde swag, discounts and have the chance to impact new product developments by sharing your feedback.
  • You will get considered to be a Slyde Team Ryder.
and more

We will also give you a 30% discount on all orders for you and your friends

Im stoked! how do I apply?

Share share and more sharing!

Share all your slyde adventures with us on social media, email, you tube, whatever you feel most comfortable with. We will notice you, you can also send your footage to us at support@slydehandboards.com. Be stoked, make friends and getshacked!

slyde ambassadors bodysurfing handboard in the world


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