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Slyde Team Ryders

Slyde: {Ryde Fast}

Welcome to the Slyde Handboards talent pool of team ryders. Our team ryders are cruising the coast for sick gnarly shorebreak to hammer away at. These guys and girls rock and there will be more plenty more to come. We love our team!!

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Any given day you can find Zachariah paddling out into breaks like Huntington Beach, The Wedge, Laguna Beach, and Salt Creek. Slyde's Junior Team Captain, Coco, prefers to get shacked out of her brain on the beaches of Carolina Beach, while most 11 year olds are flocking Justin Beiber's tour bus and sharing skinny jeans. Keep an eye out For Will's crusade through Hawaii and the upcoming short flick of his adventures in the land of Aloha and getting shacked in some of the worlds best bodysurfing waves Will Pleskow gets pitted - ripping on some sick ultra warm water barrels!!! Paul will be bringing us Go Pro adventures from the tip of africa, where he will be shredding out the likes of Snake park and many more famous south African breaks. You can see paul shredding it in the official slyde body surfing video.