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Phish Handboard
paul puntous
best ever

I have a number of hand planes. The Phish is the best. It's the Andreini Vaquero of hand planes...and I say this as someone who has a Vaquero.

Wedge Handboard
Bryan Niven
The Wedge is unreal!

My first hand plane from Slyde was the Phish, and it blew my mind! Growing up I was always at the beach, but I never bodysurfed, except for a few occasions when swimming in to retrieve a leash-less surfboard. Not too long ago, I finally tried bodysurfing with some fins and just my hand, I couldn’t believe I could actually translate my surfboarding knowledge over to surfing my body. After a couple years, I found Slyde. As soon as I got in the water with the Phish, I was instantly hooked. The Phish is soooooo fun! It’s soft rails, rocker, and concave tail let’s you blow down the line super fast, and slip and slide however you want. My only complaint about the Phish, is the spray back you get, because of the bull nosed design. The spray back is especially annoying if you’re trying to film with a forward-facing GoPro. Regardless, after a year with the Phish that’s my only complaint, such a fun board! Next we bought a Bula, and that thing is incredible! It grips the face like a NASCAR tire, and is really great in hollow fast waves… especially when it’s too big for the Phish. Finally I bought the Wedge, in hopes that the hard edges would grip more like the Bula, with the full-length concave mitigating the splash back. It was a success! The Wedge flys! I love how I can use the hard edges to climb up and down the wave as needed to position myself, like with a surfboard. Something that was not as expected, was the maneuverability, being a bigger board. The concave/winged tail lets the water friction break free right behind your palm, where you need it. Because the water is channeled from nose tip to tail, what water was spraying in face before is all but gone. My only complaints are because of it’s increased width, I find myself having to use my second hand almost like you would your elbow on a body board, in order to provide enough pressure to dig the rail into the face at high speeds, and/or with steeper faces. Your wrist just isn’t strong enough, or at least mine isn’t. It’s amazing how much pressure it puts on your shoulder, compared to the Phish, or the Bula. To be fair, the Wedge is new for me, so perhaps I will simply build up more muscle and strengthen the tendons, and I will feel less fatigue on my shoulder? I do remember a bit of a adjustment to the shoulder strain with the Bula and the Phish as well. Along the same lines, because of its surface area and added buoyancy, I do feel the added torque on bigger days, when the wave closes out on me. Regardless, the wedge feels like a powerful Lamborghini and can power through sections and keeps me on the shoulder. The Phish might be more like a Ferrari, fast and smaller, but with the ability to “drift”. The Bula is like an Indy car, and grips the wave, tracking like you’re on a rollercoaster. My only regret, not having these when I was little. Had I known how much fun this type of body surfing could be, I seriously would’ve preferred it over surfboarding anyday. As an added bonus, if you know what you’re doing, you can really spread the stoke through the line up, as they watch you drop in on huge sets, surrounded by chandeliers, with a permanent smile on your face!

Love it

I am a bodysurf beginner and I am still scared about the outside and deep ocean. This board makes me feel much more comfortable and I had much more fun on the waves. Love it!

Bicep Pro Coil Leash
Julia Avila
Not ok for a woman

Unfortunately, the bicep leash was not designed for a woman. I'm not too small (my wetsuits are size 6), but the leash is quite giant for my biceps, it escapes easily in the water, not useful, wast of money...

Wedge Handboard
Richard Stone
Super fun

Love this hand board, super fun & packable!

DaFin Swim Fins
chris berlin
quick fins

super comfortable. nice and soft where ya need, firm edges for that power stroke.
in love!

Hawaiian Bula Handboard
chris berlin
as pro as it gets!

quick service, stellar product. crushing the coast of california one beach at a time!

A very happy grandson!

My grandson specifically asked for a slyde hand board after seeing it online. He loves the water and was super excited about his gift. Endless smiles!!!

Product doesn’t work as described

Bought for my kids for our trip to Hawaii because they were compact. Both of my kids can boogie board and surf well so I thought these would be fun for them. They both said they didn’t work and even after watching the “how to” video the product still did not perform. We tried body surfing with all sizes of waves and still did perform as expected. Such a bummer and I wish it was a great product because the size weight are perfect for travel. Definitely would not recommend, doesn’t even help you float like a kick board would. Just all around disappointing product.

Family travel and beach vacation success!

Purchased 4 Grom Boards for 4 girls (5yrs, 11yrs, 12 yrs, 14 yrs) and parents to body surf in Costa Rica. Fit in our carry-on bags. Dafins were also great and made it easy to catch the best waves. Everyone had a great time. (also recommend leashes)

Wedge Handboard
Paulo Martins

I received my handboard today. I spent the afternoon having fun on the waves of Angola. Also buy DaFin swim fins and handboard boardbag. Very happy with my purchases.


I body surf head high at Ocean Beach in SF, CA. This is perfect for those days and even smaller days when there isn't that much energy in the water. If you can surf, or mat surf, or any other form of wave riding, this is a perfect choice.

Quality board and stoked to ride it!

I purchased the wedge handboard along with the carry bag. I’m very pleased with the quality of both items! I have a spring trip planned with my family to Virginia Beach and I can’t wait to shred. If you are looking for a quality piece of wave riding equipment look no further. Additionally, I had some communication with the company regarding the bicep leash that was out of stock and they were super friendly, informative and prompt. Awesome products from an awesome company.

Grom Soft Top Handboard
Graham Wilson
The pinnacle!!!!!

Slyde does it time and time again. Grom board has to be one of the funnest ocean tools I have to make my bodysurfing that much more of a killer experience. Thanks Slyde

Fast Response Time

Love this company. The products are of high quality and they helped a tech challenged grandmother get the best price.

This is it! This is “DA” leash!

DA BEST leash, super easy to switch hands as the coil stretches perfectly to a nice length that It won’t pull your board towards you.

Grom Planes

Super fun - the whole family loves them...getting 2 more.

Handboard boardbag
Joe Wetton

Great product!!Very well made!!!

Hawaiian Bula Handboard
Barbra Albertson
My nephew and Son love them!

They opened them and went to the beach. I may have to order one more

Handboard boardbag
Connie C. McReynolds

Great customer service!

DaFin Swim Fins
Mario Mauro
Dafin Pro Fins

Awesome fins

Coolest bodysurf ever!

I had a fun time using the grom! I even got barreled and was super stoked on catching waves! I highly recommend if your just starting out!

Bula beach break

Bula performs above on the close in sets.
Speedy devil

DaFin Swim Fins
Erik Blaum
My new DaFins are so sick I kicked the old lady outta the house :)

Soon as I put them on ,. I knew right then and there it was a match made in heaven!!! After my first time out with them on in some epic 'Sand Slams of Death' ,. I came home and packed my old Lady's stuff and put her out on the curb!!!! DaFins 1 - Old Lady -0

Quality Tshirt: Love the Colors

Really high quality tshirt that feels like butter & lightweight. Slyde delivers the best goods!