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DaFin Swim Fins
Mario Mauro
Dafin Pro Fins

Awesome fins

Coolest bodysurf ever!

I had a fun time using the grom! I even got barreled and was super stoked on catching waves! I highly recommend if your just starting out!

Bula beach break

Bula performs above on the close in sets.
Speedy devil

DaFin Swim Fins
Erik Blaum
My new DaFins are so sick I kicked the old lady outta the house :)

Soon as I put them on ,. I knew right then and there it was a match made in heaven!!! After my first time out with them on in some epic 'Sand Slams of Death' ,. I came home and packed my old Lady's stuff and put her out on the curb!!!! DaFins 1 - Old Lady -0

Quality Tshirt: Love the Colors

Really high quality tshirt that feels like butter & lightweight. Slyde delivers the best goods!

Comfy & Stylish: Love this Hoodie

Quality hoodie with extra cozy inside. Great addition to my wardrobe.

SECRET STASH - Grom Soft Top
Capt. Mark Knowles
Amazing product

First time trying this product and i LOVE IT!
It's a really well made board, comfortable, and easy to use. I watched a few of their videos and jumped right in. If you've been body surfing a while, or are brand new, you'll have a blast. The nicest part is that you can catch almost any size! You double your wave time.
Highly recommend Slyde.
Ps. All the surfers are going to stop you and wanna try it!

SECRET STASH - Grom Soft Top
Rigoberto Collazo
The Grom Rocks!!!!!

I bought The Grom two weeks ago and I have only used it once because there are no waves right now but that one time I was 3 hours in the water, having an awesome time, got tubes a couple of times, this board is amazing!!! I can wait for the next swell!!!!
I got blisters on my toes from my churchill’s

DaFin Swim Fins
Michael Ware

The DaFins were a great addition for body surfing especially given the smaller waves at the beach this year. Gave me a lot more power to get in the wave and ride to the beach.

Grom Soft Top Handboard
mark johnson
Chubascos Contest

Great Awards for our 13th Annual Bodysurfing and Handboarding Championships! 145 bodysurfers and 45 handboarders, big waves and no wind! MAHALO, Mark Johnson.


I own every board from Slyde. They all are unique, and fun in their own ways. With that being said, the Bula is my favorite. It holds incredibly well on the curl. It requires a tight body position, and a good paddle in, but once you feel the wave roll, you're smiling and flying the whole time. We ride these out of Margate, NJ, and consistently have people watching on the beach, asking us where we got them. I've been bodysurfing my whole life, and by far, the most fun I've had in the water. Don't think, just go buy it. You'll love it.

Wedge Handboard
Bee Wolf
Grom to Wedge

I had a Grom it is a blast. Then I bought the Wedge and it is amazing. The hydroplane and speed that pulls you into a wave. You drop in with ease. You can carve back up to the rail. So much fun. If you love to body surf skip the Grom and splurge for the Wedge!!

More fun than I’d imagined

I love this thing, combined with DaFins. Small enough to fit into a bag. Never have to worry about missing a day of surf again. Normally I have to contemplate lugging a board or two around. If the surf is small I end up babysitting the surfboards. I f the surf is good and I left the boards I just sit on the beach and watch all the waves I’m missing, haha. With this thing, throw it in a bag and you’re good to go. No waves, no big deal, it’s small. Waves, great, get some. This is way more fun than I thought it would be and makes surfing with my daughter so much easier.

DaFin Swim Fins
Jason Bahr
Fins are great

Fins are great and they fit well. Can wear them for over an hour without pain. Lightweight and comfy. Good propulsion. Size 10 with slightly wide foot, med-large 9-10 size fins fit as described above.

Bicep Pro Coil Leash
Stanley Wood
Very comfortable

I wish they made a smaller size because I have 4 inches of extra strap that I need to cut off

Wedge Handboard
Beatrice Sullivan
They really work!

Think grandkids were skeptical about their Slyde boards when they got them, as they had never heard of them. But once they took them into the ocean and started using them, they were hooked and had great fun. They couldn’t believe the “lift” they got from the boards in the waves.
Another cool gift from Grandma!

Great starter board

I love my wedge, but I like it out in deeper water. The Grom is a great starter board and works nicely in the shore break. I love it. The kids love it. Mom loves it!

Love the quality and look of the boards

Will get them to the surf in a few weeks, but love the great build quality and fun color schemes. Ordering and delivery went great, looking forward to put them to use in the surf!

Adjustable Hand Strap
James Riddle
Overall great product

The hand strap seems to be good quality. I am using the strap for a custom handboard. The screws to attach the strap are 5.5 inches on center vs. 5, which through me off a bit. I needed to modify and cut new holes in the strap to fit the board. Other than that the strap is great. I look forward to using it (and hopefully ordering more as I make new boards). Thanks!

Wedge Handboard
Cassandra Flores
amazing rides

Love this board! I have been using the grom and upgraded to the wedge handboard. The difference is night and day. I am able to ride waves much longer with the wedge and also have more control of my ride in the water. Can't wait to attached a gopro to my board.

The Bula Board

The Bula is the fastest hand board I’ve used yet. It’s easy to swim with and dive under the waves. Every time I hand board in New Jersey I have like 5 people ask me what I’m using. It makes body surfing much safer and loads more fun. Love the Bula!

Wedge= awesome board

Man, the construction quality of this board is top notch .
Folks aren't kidding when they say this board will perform in about 90 % surf conditions. I took it out in small 1 1/2 - 2 ft mush and was able to get rides. Later on at a local surf spot 3-4 ft and it did not disappoint ! I like that it's wide so you get good stability and the middle of the board (where your hand sits) tends to be thicker which seems to give you more lift ending up in some loooong rides. :)

DaFin Swim Fins
Rene Vieu

The fence come on and off my feet very very well the holes on the bottom let the water out and that works to my advantage I’m 71 do a lot of body surfing enjoy it but I’ve always had a little problem taking on putting on my fence and taking them off sand gets up into the fence as a result of those holes but that’s not even a complaint I don’t know it seems pretty good

first handboard

I've been using my handboard for 2 weeks now, and I'm having a blast. i think i've helped sell several more, as people see me using it and come over and ask what it is and where they can get one.

DaFin Swim Fins
Alex Forero
The best fins

I’ve gone thought a few fins over the last year and the dafin have been the most comfortable and super soft