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Slyde:{Ryde Fast}
sunny rickard slyde handboard handplane ambassador
Sunny Rickard (32)
Local Break: Cardiff by the Sea

"Sunny is a shredder and resides in Rancho Santa Fe, CA. She's a member of the Wolf-Pack bodysurfing Team. And lives by the motto "Do something fun everyday." Her fav waves are Ralph's, Oceanside Harbor, & Marron St. Her fav move is the flying squirrel! Apparently, the last time she wore a time, was tied to the bedpost last night...interesting. "
TREVOR SEBRING slyde handboard handplane ambassador
Trevor Sebring
Local Break: Marine Street

Trevor was always looking for the stoke in the ocean as a young grommet. He lives in San Diego, California with his mom, dad and sister. He grew up as a all around waterman form bodysurfing, bodyboarding, surfing and fishing. His favorite surf break is Marine Street and is ready to surf any break with fins in hand.
Emily Kless slyde handboard handplane ambassador
Em Kless (21)
Local Break: Ocean Township

As a tot she loved getting tossed in the surf, and since then, nothing has changed (except for the addition of a Slyde handboard). Em has traveled to Israel where she rode a camel and floated in the Dead Sea.
ben schofield slyde handboard handplane ambassador
Ben Schofield
Local Break: UK South Coast

Ben was lucky enough to be born and raised in one of the most beautiful parts of the Uk, a short hop from both the New Forest and the Jurassic coastline. From a young age he was been brought up on, or by the water, family boat trips, fishing, beach days. It wasn’t until he got a bit older that he was introduced into body surfing. Autumn and Winter swells are best, But he braves the cold for the love of the sport and the ocean.
ricardo angora slyde handboard handplane ambassador
Ricardo Añorga (34)
Local Break: Lima - Peru

Ricardo has been Pechito,(as its called in Peru) using his own Handboards he made from Classic wood since he was 12. His love for the sport really grew when his brother and friends bodysurfed waterfalls canyon beach.
stanton baker slyde handboard handplane ambassador
Stanton Baker (13)
Local Break: Bondi Beach

Stanton began surfing around the age of 3, in 2012 He walked into the local Bondi surf shop and saw a hand plane for the first time. intrigued by this "small surf board" He decided to give it a shot. He tried various brands before he found his true love in Slyde!
andrew  cha baker slyde handboard handplane ambassador
Andrew Cha (19)
Local Break: La Jolla

Andrew is a an Air force ROTC Cadet and is planning on commissioning as an Air Force Officer soon. Juggling College, Air Force and work get tough but Andrew always has time for a Bodysurfing session, it recharges his day and pumps him up!
Alexandre-Anestides slyde handboard handplane ambassador
Alexandre Anestides
Local Break: North Shore ,Tahiti

Alexandre Lives on the north shore of Tahiti, French Polynesia, he started bodysurfing way back when the waves were not great for surfing and fell in love with it immediately. He then tried a Slyde and took his bodysurfing to the next level. He has handboarded most of the breaks in Tahiti and spends most of his time trying to find new secluded breaks to get his shack on. His favorite wave is his home break on the North Shore which is conveniently situated right in front of his house and is a barreling reef break. He says, "because of Slyde he is able to surf waves that would otherwise be impossible on his surfboard or even bodyboard"
cliff ghonsbuiry slyde handboard handplane ambassador
Cliff Gonshery
Local Break: San Diego

Cliff is from New Jersey (an Original Bruce Springsteen fan - 1st concert 1975 Kutztown St College Penna). He has been living in San Diego over the past 16 years. Cliff was always a "water boy" - Surfing (Hobie Silver Bullet), Body Board, Water Skiing, Sailor and Snow Skier and Slyde
Mike baker slyde handboard handplane ambassador
Mike Baker
Local Break: Delaware NZ

Mike has been surfing for 47 years He began in Perth, he has ten years of competition surfing experience in the UK and Europe and surfed for England for 2 years. He has Bodysurfed in England, Ireland, France, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Australia, Samoa and NZ. He says Slyde are the very best handboards I have used anywhere in the world! Ka Kite Ano from the South Island of New Zealand Aotearoa!
justin fricke slyde handboard handplane ambassador
Justin Fricke (24)
Local Break: New Smyrna Beach, FL

Justin has been in the water all his life and has the ocean running through his veins. He has bodysurfed in Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and El Salvador, when he's not slyding on local waves in Florida. He plans to live in a van to surf, bodysurf, and climb across the country with his brother for all of 2016.
collin del bonis slyde handboard handplane ambassador
Collin Del Bonis
Local Break: Sandpit

Colin is 16 years old and hails from sunny Santa Barbara, Ca. When he is not off scouting the next best bodysurfing spots Collin attends San Marcos High School on his days off from bodysurfing and beach hopping. He is also a Varsity Ice Hockey player. His initial love for the ocean, swimming and all things water led him to his current stoke with Bodysurfing. If he is not out traveling the coast of mid, central and northern California finding the next shacking or getting pitted at his favorite spot; The Sandpit, he enjoys Fishing and is a budding Photographer
bilal maonsour slyde handboard handplane ambassador
Bilal B. Mansour (51)
Local Break: Lagos

Bilal is third Generation Nigerian of Lebanese Decent Bilal started Bodysurfing at the age of 12 On wooden boards. He then took up body boarding until I stumbled on SLYDE in 2013. Nothing else feels like "SLYDING", it bring you back to the exhilarating roots of wave surfing. I am also an avid waterskier, barefooter, windsurfer and scuba diver.
spencer slyde handboard handplane ambassador
Spencer Mcgrath (24)
Local Break: ventura

Spencer has been bodysurfing his entire life but really has started pushing the boundaries in the past 3 years. Spencer is a senior at California Lutheran University majoring in exercise science and is a Ventura and Los Angeles Counties Lifeguard and when he is not bodysurfing Zuma is coach of the Westlake high school and sharks water polo club. Hi favorite Bodysurf spots are Zuma beach, silverstrand beach Hollywood beach and south jetty in Ventura.
Liam Mccoy slyde handboard handplane ambassador
Liam Mccoy
Local Break: Plaza

Liam is from Santa Barbara, Ca and is 14 years old. He has been surfing and bodysurfing since before he can remember. His favorite place to bodysurf is a little spot we like to call Plaza up in Monterey area. Plaza is a heavy closeout wave. Liam and his crew love it because you always get a good working and land up on the beach. He loves everything about the water and the ocean and loves his Slyde Boards
cole bates slyde handboard handplane ambassador
Cole Bates(14)
Local Break: Riviera & Salt Creek

Cole has always lived in California and loves the ocean. When he was 12, he built a handboard out of an old skateboard and was instantly hooked on bodysurfing. As he puts is " About 2 years later on his birthday (May 17) my dad came down with a slyde bag and I wasn't completely sure what was in the bag but when I realized it was a SLYDE cobra I was stoked". His love for the ocean and love of bodysurfing continues to grow and is stoked to be able to have the ocean so close because it is such a fun way to get together with friends he loves to slyde and it is his favorite thing to do in the ocean.
taylor reed slyde handboard handplane ambassador
Taylor Reed
Local Break: Newport beach

Taylor got into body surfing by going to the wedge when he was young. Watching body surfers get the big ones and knew that was going to be him one day. Taylor loves to go body surfing on good big days with all of his friends. His favorite thing about body surfing is getting crunched by the back wash. He enjoys going out and having Brent cooper get an epic pictures of him and his buddies. However just getting out at his favorite spot, The wedge whether it's big or small he still has a fun time!
tyler paxton slyde handboard handplane ambassador
Tyler Paxton
Local Break: Newport beach

Tyler into bodysurfing a few years ago. He has always loved the ocean and every summer all his friends go to the wedge and bodysurf every day. Tyler thinks Bodysurfing is highly addictive because when you get in that one barrel you just can't stop!
brian mackey slyde handboard handplane ambassador

Brian has been in love with all things water since he was a young kid swimming and surfing with his family down in Mexico. He recently got into bodysurfing after his friend showed him the Slyde handplanes and he saw how fun and easy they were to use. Since then, he's started building handplanes and creating his own crazy designs. But rain or shine, you will most likely find him out at La Jolla showing the surfers how real bodysurfers get it done!
Darren jenner slyde handboard handplane ambassador
Local Break: Huntington

Darren lives in Huntington Beach and biggest goal is to beat board surfers to the peak on a slyde, making a shack, long open face rides, barrel rolls, anything new I can pull off. Seems like the perfect goal to us
michael miller slyde handboard handplane ambassador
Michael Miller
Local Break: Virginia Beach

Michael has been riding Slyde boards for about a year and absolutely loves them. He is currently in possession of 3 which he barely see's because he loans them out to his buddies constantly. He travel's all over Costa Rica and other parts of Central America and is starting to plan his next end of summer surfing trip down south and is taking his Black Carbon Wedge board
max ellertson slyde handboard handplane ambassador
Max Ellertson
Local Break: Newport beach

Max is originally from Cameron Park, CA. He rode his first wave on a trip to Hawaii when he was ten and fell in love. Unfortunately, there are not too many waves in the Sacramento area, so he would surf the rapids of the American River. He moved to Newport Beach a year ago and have been in the water every opportunity since! He loves adrenaline and going big body surfing. He is super stoked to be ambassador for Slyde Handboards!