by steven watts July 29, 2016

Orange County Coast Keeper completed their 56th monthly beach clean up and Slyde was stoked to be a part of it.  

We had the pleasure of talking with Julia Williams, about the nonprofit clean water organization, and the epic milestone they hit in HB.

Hi, my name is Julia Williams. I am the Director of Cleanup OC here at Orange County Coastkeeper. Today we are here at Huntington State Beach with Slyde Handboards. We just completed our 56th monthly beach cleanup with Coastal Playground. Today we removed 264lbs of trash.

Today was a really special day because we were trying to hit our mark of 10,000 lbs of trash removed from Huntington State Beach, and we actually went over, so we hit 10,188 lbs of trash today.

Slyde Handboards is sponsoring the event today, they are awesome, and donating a dollar per pound of trash to Coastkeeper that we collected today, so they are donating $264 to us which helps fund these monthly beach cleanups for the local public. This is awesome because these beach cleanups really teach our residents, and the people that live here, and our visitors how to enjoy the beach responsibly, and the amount of impact that they can have on the planet.

Things they're picking up here today are things they use in their everyday life, and when they're out here picking up the trash, they really become inspired and empowered to live environmentally friendly lives and behavior.  Thank you guys so much for coming out.

Slyde Representative: Let me thank you, Julia, and the Coastkeeper team for all the hard work that they do into this, and keeping our beaches clean so we can all enjoy it.  Thank you so much, and here's a check for $264. Thank you.

Julia: Thank you. Yeah, we're out here every second Saturday of the month, you guys, and also Coastal Cleanup Day is September 17th. We're gonna have 48 sites, cleanup sites, across Orange County, so make sure you come out for any one of those events. We'd love to have you. Thanks.

Join Julia and there OC Community for a monthly beach clean up find out HERE 

steven watts
steven watts

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