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slyde handboards handboard technology

handboard technology

Here at slyde we are passionate ocean lovers of all skill levels and abilities. We each enjoy the ocean in different ways, but we make handboards that are an extension of who you are. A handboard that gives you the confidence and ability to ride a wave with the biggest possible smile.

slyde handboards handboard technology

Each slyde handboard is constructed of high grade urethane foam core, a layer of Triaxial fiberglass and epoxy resin and a high pressure laminate for perfect weight to strength ratio. We thought of all the little things that would make your riding experience that bit more enjoyable and made them standard on every slyde board.

the shape

Each slyde board starts out as a rough ideation sketch and then hand-shaped and crafted by a team of professionals here in California with years of experience in shaping. The initial shape is put through its paces by our team of ryders, the shape is then slowly refined through continuous ryder/shaper communication and teamwork to create the best possible shape.

slyde handboards handboard technology

designed with precision

Perfection comes standard with all slyde boards. We perfectly combined the refined and technical manufacturing and design process of your favorite snowboard with the lightness and buoyancy of your surfboard, to create the most advanced handboards in the world.

slyde handboards handboard technology

Built to last

We have dedicated years to finding the best possible processes and materials to make our boards, there are over 30 individual steps that go into building every slyde handboard. We make them to last, pass is on to your kids not the landfill. The high tech materials that we use make them as strong as they are beautiful, like the carbon black featured below. We took the guess work and error out of the shape by using the most advanced handboard manufacturing process ever, decreasing weight, increasing buoyancy and giving you the longest ride you will ever have on a handboard.

slyde handboards handboard technology

All the bells and whistles

We thought of everything you might like and then added it as standard on all our boards. Go-pro's cost a lot of money, the embedded attachment is the most secure attachment to protect both your board and go-pro equipment.

slyde handboards handboard technology

keep attached

Do not lose your board again! Unlike any other handboard on the market, all slyde boards come standard with a leash plug to attach your leash. Believe me it comes in really handy after the fifth swim to shore to find your board. You wouldn’t head out on a standup surfboard without a leash why leave it behind with your handboard.

slyde handboards handboard technology

stay strapped in

The slyde adjustable strap is a crowd favorite and is attached to the board with the power of thor! No kidding these will never ever come out..... Ever! The screw inserts are the same used on big wave tow in surfing used by the pro's it isn’t coming out.
The rails are another epic feature of this our boards. The resin enforced rail and TPU high pressure laminate ensures your boards rails will not crack or split like other manufacturing processes.

slyde handboards handboard technology

100% satisfaction guaranteed

We stand behind all slyde products. If you are not 100% satisfied with your slyde purchase, you can return it for a replacement or refund. If your item has a manufacturing defect in its materials or workmanship, you can return it at any time.

slyde handboards handboard technology

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where can i buy slyde in stores

easy as! Go check out this link here

How do I become a rider

You have to be dedicated and good, or just an awesome person. If you think you have what it takes check out this link to start social media-ing the hell out of your slyde sessions

Can I return it if I don't like it

Absolutely, we stand behind our products if you don't like something about it then please return it for a full refund, no questions asked.


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