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How to choose the best bodysurfing fins

The list of bodysurfing fins for swimming up for review , dafin, churchill, redleys fins, duckfeet fins ,propel fins ers fins, h2o fins

body surfing fins:there are a lot of choices for the perfect fin

In these reviews, we will give you the facts from our personal experience with each swim fin brand. We simply want you to have the best time handboarding, and part of that is having the best knowledge to be able to choose the equipment that best suits your needs and skill level. We may have our personal favorites, and we will let you know, however, be aware that everyone has their own requirements. So know what you are looking for in your handboarding equipment and buy according to those requirements. I like my fins to be above all comfortable, light and compact as I tend to do a lot of travel surfing.

Choosing the best bodysurfing handboarding fins the quick list

  1. 1. Dafin
  2. 2. Kpaloa duck feet fins
  3. 3. Leblon Fins
  4. 4. Voit Duck feet fins
  5. 5. DMC Repellor fins
  6. 6. Viper Vector v5 & v7 fins
  7. 7. Propel fins
  8. 8. Makapu fins
  9. 9. ERS 4 fins
  10. 10. Propel fins
  11. 11. Makapu fins
  12. 12. ERS 4 fins

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The difference between bodysurfing fins and bodyboarding fins

The fundamental differences between bodysurfing and bodyboarding fins

Paul Watts, an accomplished bodyboarder and bodysurfer, has bodysurfedand bodyboarded around the world, from Sumatra to South Africa, and has used just about every fin under the sun on his travels. He has lost more fins in wipeouts in exotic places than most people have thought about fins.

"As a bodyboarder, the fins that I like are generally smaller, as I like to get up drop-knee. Therefore, I prefer a fatter, stiffer fin with a softer compound around the foot. I always struggled to find good fins that do not give me blisters. The problem with a lot of the fins is that they are all very much designed to control flow above water when you are on the wave and add control for the "bodyboarder" and little to no thought is given to the fin being used for bodysurfing." - Paul Watts

From a bodysurfing point of view, we have a relatively small selection of fins to choose from that are specifically designed for bodysurfers. However, our sport is growing, and companies are starting to design fins for bodysurfers.

THREE things to keep in mind when buying new fins for "bodysurfing"

  1. 1.
    Fin Sizing and Comfort
  2. 2.
    Fin Materials
  3. 3.
    Fin Drive and Flow



We test which fins float

We test which fins float