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Why use a handboard?

Bodysurfing with a handboard or handplane is simply way more fun than bodysurfing without.  The added use of a handboard or handplane, as they are commonly referred to, allows the bodysurfer to get more speed and lift out of the water.  It is not uncommon to generate enough speed with a handboard to round a section of a wave or to get barreled.

Take a look at some of our Slyde Ryder pictures, or check out the Slyde Handboards videos or home page for images and videos that show how great the boards work in the waves.  Not only does a handboard increase speed, it also allows for more control on the face of the wave and gives you more maneuverability while you are bodysurfing.  You see, you don’t need one, but a handboard makes your experience in the water that much more enjoyable.  Why wouldn’t you want to do that?  It’s like we say around here, “life is better with a handboard!”

How To Get Sponsored By Slyde Handboards?

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This is easily the most asked question we get here at SLYDE and we love that there’s a slew of you out there amped to represent Slyde on land and in the water we are always talent scouting to see who’s shredding what, and appreciate every #slydehandboards you throw up online .

However it is a  hard-fought battle that combines exceptional bodysurfing/handboarding skills along with a charming stoked personality.

All of our team riders are first chosen as Slyde Ambassadors, and after showing off what they’re made of to the world, they may eventually become a sponsored team rider. We view our sponsorship program like an education in stoke.

In school, if you want to be an honor roll student, you don’t just roll up to the principle and tell him that’s what you want. You put in the time, dedication, and commit to getting the grades. We want to see the same from our riders.

It’s about putting in the effort and sharing your wave-riding talents and experience thru pictures, videos, blogs, interpretive dance, music, whatever makes you standout & stoked on Slyde.

So enough talking! How do you become a Slyder:

  • Become a shredder at your local beach, and bodysurf everything.
  • Demonstrate how you can benefit Slyde’s team and why you want to be a part of the family.
  • Take & Share High Resolution photos and videos. Leverage social media.
  • Set up Instagram and Twitter accounts for you as a bodysurfer.
  • Post only on things relevant to your bodysurfing and try to build up as big a following as possible. Tag @slydehandboards #Slydehandboards in your posts.
  • Enter all the handboard & bodysurfing contests you can. Maintain good grades, manners, and a healthy lifestyle.
  • Stay dedicated building & supporting ocean awareness

Now that you have the breakdown of what we look for in sponsoring a team rider, we’re stoked to see what you have in store for us in 2016! Bring on all that Gnarly Goodness! Cheers to an epic year full of adventures and stoke!

how to become a slyde rider

what slyde board should I get?

That all depends on you your experience and ability we have put together a sweet package that will run you through the boards we have and match you up with exactly the ride you need to get you pitted... go pick your stick 

Are there other names for it besides “handboard”? 

Handboards are called different things depending on the region of the world you live in.  Here’s a quick list of the names around the world:

  • Handplanes (California and East Coast USA)
  • Handboards (South Africa and Australia)
  • Handguns (Hawaiian Islands)
  • Handslides (South Africa)
  • Handlids (Australia)

We like to use the word “handboard” because that’s what our boards are.  They’re boards designed and made exactly like your favorite surfboard, except they’re for your hand.  

What board is best for shore break?

The best board for shorebreak is Bula Handboard for more info on how to pick the board that's perfect for you check out out pick your stick section

Concave vs flat What is the difference in performance between the concave and flat one?

The more pronounce the concave the more hold and grip the board will have on the face of the wave so the steeper and gnarlier the wave ie shore break you will want to get a board with more concave and sharper rails to cut through the water

what is the difference in performance between the wooden and the Epoxy handplane?

Wooden handboards are by nature heavier, hence the reason full length surfboards are constructed from either Polyurethane or Epoxy. Other than the weight the Epoxy and to a slightly lesser extent the Urethane boards have far more buoyancy than their wood counterparts. This is because the inner core is foam. So what does this mean to your ride? With an epoxy board the lightness and Buoyancy will allow for greater speed, lift and agility than a wooden board. More speed, because you are not weighed down by the bulk. More buoyancy allows you to push down on the board even at slower speed and not sink and more agility because the lightness means the boards is easier to control in maneuvers.

What board is best for beginners?

The best board for beginners is the wedge check it out here for more info on how to pick the board that's perfect for you check out out pick your stick section

I am an experienced bodysurfer, but never use a handboard. which board should I get?

All our boards have a unique experience however if you are used to only having a hand while bodysurfing you might want to start off with smaller board and work your way up to the bigger size check out our choose a board to read through all the information on all our boards to find the perfect fit.


How do I attach my go pro


The short answer to this is, It's not broken This is the way it's supposed to be. If that is a good enough answer for you, and you get it, then no need to read on further. If not then check out the images below, The idea behind the Go Pro insert, and the reason we include the insert on our boards is that it is the safest way to keep your Go-Pro attached to your board. The reason it is the safest is that the screw that you see at that weird angle is in fact holding your Go-Pro very safely in place exactly the way that a Fin is held to a surfboard. Other Options include a Go-Pro supplied stick on version but we prefer the screw in option.

These images and explanations should go some way to explaining the weird angle of the screw

1. The insert and screw angle

The angle secures the go pro insert and keeps the insert from popping out.

2. Place Go-pro insert into board

Place black Go Pro insert into the insert on the nose of your board.

3. Tighten screw fully

Using a regular FCS fin wrench (avail at any surf store or harware store) screw the screw in as far it will go.

4. attach your camera

Attach your camera per instructions and you are good to go

there is no gro pro attachment insert on the board i want, is possible to add an attachment?

Yes Absolutely! The reason we don't add the go pro inserts to all our board is

  1. Some people don't like having the insert already in the board 
  2. Some of the boards are too thin to have the center FCS plug insert.

So how do you fit a go pro on a board that doesn't have an insert? Well its pretty easy and Go-pro have made it simple to install. All you need is the Go-pro Surf Hero set, Google it or its available here for around $19 and includes other cool stuff to stick your go pro to, So you're not only buying it for your handboard.  The stick on pieces that come with this pack are perfect size, durability and a great alternative to having the insert. All information on how to apply the piece to your board is supplied in the instructions in the package and it takes about 5 minutes to do with no drilling or mess to your board. We hope that help below is an image of what your should be buying and please remember to get legitimate Go pro accessories, unless you want to loose your camera!

Do I need swim fins when I bodysurf and handboard

Undoubtedly it's best to use fins and we always encourage using fins while bodysurfing they make for more control speed and it is alot more safe to have fins on in rough sea's . However if you don't have them with you and the conditions are good never miss out on an epic session to find out More about the best fins for you check out our Choosing the best Bodysurfing fins how to section.

What size fins should I get?

Fins sizes are equivalent to your regular shoe size follow the size chart for Dafin and you cant go wrong

What fins are best for bodysurfing? what fins are best for photography?

A pair of fins will make or break a session so we take finding the right ones for the right job seriously. fortunately we did not need to look that far and we find that the Da-fin bodysurfing fin brand works seamlessly between Photography and Bodysurfing and handboarding you really cant go wrong with these Fins


Do we do "one off" designs?

On occasion, we will work with customers to put their own design on one of our handboards.  Please contact Steve at for more information about custom board designs.  We also frequently work with talented local artists to use their art on some of our handboards.  They sell very quickly, so follow us to find out when the next designs are due for release.  You can check out the Slyde Art Syndikit to see previous artists and their board creations.

How can I keep up with new designs and board releases?

You can sign up for our Slyde Newsletter, subscribe to Slyde Chronicles, connect with us on our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter.

How long will my slyde board last?

Our boards last a long time. If you take care of them, A really long time. they are made with the best possible materials and designed to last. Treat them with care and the will last years Check out our Care and materials section to read more

Can I have slyde sticker?

Sure send a self addressed envelope to us and we will happily send you some stickers

How can I become a team ryder? team ambassador? team photographer? team artist?

Everyone should bodysurf! The great thing

To be a Slyde Ryder or Ambassador sign up here 

or read our community page 

about bodysurfing Handboarding/handplaning is it is a great way to get into and learn surfing and the ocean. With Body surfing you are able to learn the ability to judge the ocean, the waves, all the skills you need to be able to surf well. It is of our opinion that you can't really call yourself a true water man if you haven't body surfed. But don't just take it from us, Hell what do we know!  If you dont believe us maybe you will listen to two of the greatest surfers ever!

team ryder 

  • first you need to be good..... very good, entering competitions and winning you also need to be part of our ambassador program so you will have to start there see below.

 team ambassador

  • Sign up Here -  Share all your slyde adventures with us on social media, email, you tube, whatever you feel most comfortable with. We will notice you, you can also send your footage to us at Be stoked, make friends and getshacked! to learn more about our program visit our slyde team rider section to find out more and put us out on blast scroll right to the bottom to learn more.

 team photographer

  • Follow us on instagram, # tag @slydehandboards  facebook   and twitter too, the more the merrier and show us what you got share the stoke and remember we like to see handboarding images, we are a handboarding company after all.

 team artist

Who Bodysurfs?

Everyone should bodysurf! The great thing about bodysurfing Handboarding/handplaning is it is a great way to get into and learn  surfing and the ocean. With Body surfing you are able to learn the ability to judge the ocean, the waves, all the skills you need to be able to surf well. It is of our opinion that you can't really call yourself a true water man if you haven't body surfed. But don't just take it from us, Hell what do we know!  If you dont believe us maybe you will listen to two of the greatest surfers ever!

Kelly Slater

  • "With Body Surfing you don't take anything for granted! You ride the wave as far as you can, you don't kick out because the barrel stopped. You realize how much room there is out there, even with all the people."

 Laird Hamilton

  • "We as a species are connected to the ocean all living thing come from the ocean Body Surfing is a chance to get back to your roots, It's the ability to feel the energy."

How can I get a discount?

Do you see the stoke discount in the top left corner? Click it and follow the directions on the pop up, easy as 1.2.3 and you get off your next purchase!  Not available on already discounted or sale items


where do you ship?

We have shipped to all major countries in the world. However, we will only ship to known high risk regions with DHL insured delivery at an additional cost. The following are considered to be high risk. Amsterdam, Belgium, Bulgaria, China, Eastern Europe, Egypt, Ghana, Indonesia, Israel, Lithuania, Malaysia, Russia, Malmö in Sweden, Nigeria, Pakistan, Palestine, Romania, Southwest Asia, Turkey, Ukraine, Yugoslavia and most parts of Africa.

who do you ship with?

Please see individual products under shipping drop down for most up to date shipping information

When will I get my board?

Our shipments are from Monday to Friday (except Public Holidays). Orders placed on Friday after 1pm, Saturday and Sunday will be processed on Monday morning. Rates and delivery time vary depending on your shipping choice and location please see our shipping calculator for the most up to date shipping information relevant to your order

Who do you recommend for international shipping? 

We have shipped to over 30 countries around the world from Australia to Russia.  We also do USPS Priority Mail International (check pricing at checkout).  All orders shipped internationally may be  subject to customs and duties from the destination country. Please note you are liable for the customs charge.

My tracking number says my board already arrived, but it hasn’t.  What should I do? 

Sometimes,  a package has been delivered when they actually just tried to deliver the package, but no one was there to receive it.  If this happens, someone will likely attempt to redeliver the package to you at least two more times. Please contact us at   (650) 307-5933 or e-mail us at, and we will help you sort it out!


What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards, including Visa, Discover, MasterCard and American Express, as well as PayPal. Your credit card payment or PayPal payment will be processed through Shopify.

How secure is the Slyde store?

Our store processes payments through Shopify, an ecommerce site that adheres to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). This means that Shopify encrypts your payment information with the highest level of encryption key length commercially available (128 bits).

Can I get a Slyde Gift Certificate?

Yes you can! Slyde gift certificates are available here.

What is Slyde’s return policy?

We want you to be 100% stoked on your Slyde purchase.  If there is something wrong with your package (broken/scratched board, etc.) then we will replace it for you!  First, please send the purchase back to us at:  P.S within 15 days of receipt 

Please: Email for returns 

Once we receive the delivery, we will be more than happy to send you out a new one! for full conditions pleas Read more in our stoke policy

Still have more questions?

Shoot us an e-mail at for additional information about our handboards, our store, our brand, or anything else.


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