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Slyde art syndikit

slyde art

[n. sin-di-kit; v. sin-di-keyt][syn•di•cate]

"a group of individuals or organizations combined or making a joint effort to undertake some specific duty or carry outspecific transactions or negotiations" We took our artistic license and changed the "I" to "Y" and Y not! It's all about the Sl"y"de. Our Art Syndikit is a collection of like minded individuals consisting of artist, musicians, coming together to in a word "CREATE". We are about building a platform for budding artist and accomplished gallery showing artist to show their work. Most of our visual artist have ocean culture theme but we in no way put a stipulation on the kind work we put up. We also have many Local Venice artist as we like to support our local community. If you would like to show your work on our site drop us a line to send us samples of your work here.