Crazy "Protect Your Break" Story Recounted on Reddit

January 15, 2014 2 min read

protect break reddit story

                                                                            Photo: Luke Marsden  Source:The Courier-Mail

Talk about going the lengths to protect your break.  On Reddit, a surf shop day manager told a pretty creepy story about what one of his fellow employees used to do to keep the waves to himself.  Here's the Reddit post, word for word.  You can't make this stuff up:

protect your break story reddit"Back in college, I used to b(e) the day shift manager for a surfboard store in la jolla shores, california.  We would sell boards to bros and make tons of money.  Well, one day, I noticed that one of the surfboards seemed a little weirded out.  Upon further inspection, I noticed that the top where the string was attached was loose.  I took it off (and) could see there was what looked like dried blood smeared on the inside of the board.  I looked at the other boards, and they were all the same.  I put in a hidden camera and caught on of our employees named Trystan putting the blood inside of the board.  We call the police and upon questioning, his main motive was to have sharks eat all the surfers so he could have all the tasty waves to himself.

Cops didn't really see much wrong with that (they were territorial surfers back in the 80s probably).  We also didn't think that was good enough reason to fire him, so he still works there.  Although, we do have to search him for blood before every shift."

This Reddit story really got us thinking here at Slyde.  How far are are people willing to go to protect their favorite break from outsiders?  Serve up the rest of the surfers as shark snacks?  Rope off the beach with caution tape?  Bring a bullhorn to the lineup?  Tell us what you would do to keep your break safe!    

Sarah Webb
Sarah Webb