Waterman's Dictionary: Part 2

April 04, 2014 1 min read

Slyde's Waterman's dictionary part 2

We return to the surf lingo mecca that is Riptionary.com for the second part of Slyde's Waterman's Dictionary.  Here are a few more dictionary entries we've found as we scour through the pages.  There are just too many to pass up!


 A Dictionary of Surf Terms (C - S)

Cactus Juiced:  To experience a type of injury that leaves you unable to surf.


Caddy a Board:  To retrieve and return a surfer's wayward board after he wipes out.


Hot Dog Budget:  To head out on a surfari with little to no money.


Inside the Pope's Living Room:  To be inside the barrel of a wave.


Keg:  A dredging open sucky barrel.  Derived from the round shape of a keg.


Man in Grey Suit:  What surfers in Australia call a shark.  As in; you know those big Great White ones?  In California, they're called "The Landlord".


Narbs:  Something ridiculously horrendous.


Neptune Cocktail:  To ingest a large amount of water during a particularly gnarly wipeout.


No Garlic:  Easy.


Poked:  To drop in on a wave and have the nose of your board submerged slightly before it planes out.


Squashed:  When someone messes up!  Example:  "Dude, you totally squashed that wave!"


Squirrel:  Hyperactive person who does not mesh well with surf culture.


Check back next week for the third and final installment of Slyde's Waterman's Dictionary!

Sarah Webb
Sarah Webb

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