Afghanistan Joins International Surfing Association

by Sarah Webb April 08, 2014


Afghanistan joins ISA

Believe it or not, the landlocked, war-torn country of Afghanistan is officially the 82nd member of the International Surfing Association (ISA).  Just two years ago, Afghan refugees and expatriates started the Wave Riders Association of Afghanistan (WRAA) and are bringing Afghanistan's surf community together.

"Being a part of the ISA offers the possibility to bring surfers from Afghanistan together so  that they can share their joy of this wonderful sport with each other and with those who haven't yet learned the sport," President of the WRAA Afridun Amu told Surfer Magazine.

Fernando Aguerre, the President of the ISA, expressed his excitement about Afghanistan joining the international surf community.  "We are proud to welcome Afghanistan to the ISA," Aguerre said in an interview with Surfer.  "Members of the Wave Riders Association of Afghanistan have brought together surfers from around the country to participate in a sport that brings them joy and a common bond."

The group hopes to hold the first Afghani National Surfing Championship this coming June in Hossegor, France, and we can't wait to watch that historical competition!

Sarah Webb
Sarah Webb

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