A Kickstarter Film All About Bodysurfing!

by Sarah Webb May 09, 2014

Bodysurfing film Kickstarter
Have you seen a film about bodysurfing yet?  What about one that's silent?  Or one with a few Mexican wrestlers?  Alex Torres' Kickstarter campaign for the C.B. Handplane Federation Movie "Sin Cara's" is all about making a film that combines all three. This film is going to be "a quirky, silent movie of bodysurfing, bouncing low riders, sombreros, wrestling masks, love, tube rides, and some more tube rides from around the world," the Kickstarter campaign states.
With just ten days left until the end of the funding period, make sure you donate to the cause ASAP!  Rewards range from a t-shirt to a free download of the movie and even your name in the credits!
Sarah Webb
Sarah Webb

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