World's Most Expensive Surfboard

by Sarah Webb July 07, 2014

world's most expensive surfboard

The $1.3 Million Wooden Surfboard

Have A LOT of extra cash lying around? Then consider picking up the most expensive surfboard in the world, built by surfboard craftsman Roy Stuart and pictured above (PC:  The 31-pound, 10'6 "Rampant" board is the result of 20 years of testing and development, and can reach speeds of up to 35 miles per hour.  The board comes complete with a 6-inch Vort-X tunnel fin, crafted from kahikatea wood, which allows for effortless handling.  Now what makes this board so expensive?  It might be the 23-carat gold dragon inlay crafted into the board...yeah that's probably it.

If you want a new board, but aren't ready to commit to $1.3 million, get a brand new bodysurfing experience with The Phish for just $149.  

Sarah Webb
Sarah Webb

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