Potato Salad Kickstarter Hits $40,000 Mark

by Sarah Webb July 09, 2014

Zack Brown potato salad kickstarter
Zack Brown started a $10 Kickstarter campaign to make a potato salad (pictured above from Brown's Kickstarter), and it may have gotten out of hand.  As of today, the potato project has skyrocketed to over $40,000 with 23 days still left to go.  
"Basically I'm just making a potato salad," Brown wrote on his Kickstarter page.  "I haven't decided what kind yet."  Supporters of this potato salad of epic proportions get to enjoy a variety of rewards, including a potato salad haiku, a photo of Brown making the potato salad and even the chance to hang out in the kitchen while the potato salad is crafted.
We had no idea how obsessed people were with potato salad.  Seriously.  We think Phish & Chips beat potato salad any day!
Sarah Webb
Sarah Webb

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