Ryder Daren Jenner's Karbon G6 Review

August 01, 2014 1 min read

Darren Jenner Karbon G6 Review
Slyde Ryder Daren Jenner loves to #getshacked on the Slyde Karbon G6 Handboard in Thailand, and he wants everyone to know what it feels like! Check out what Darren has to say:
"On take-off, I immediately noticed better lift out of the water, and the G6 flew down the face, I almost felt I had to chase it those first few times! When I got on top of it, the response and speed were amazing, allowing for great control of turns, stalls, and cutbacks. I was able to take off earlier in the wave, and generate a lot more speed on the drop in. The SlydeG6 has freshened up my bodysurfing and I am RE-stoked on handboarding and the rides I am getting! All of my interactions with the people at Slyde have been very positive, and the staff is not only friendly, but well informed. Anyone looking to take up bodysurfing, or step up their existing stoke to a new level, try out a Slyde. But be warned, it might become addicting." - Daren J., Ocean Lifeguard, Phuket, Thailand
Sarah Webb
Sarah Webb