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Em Kless' Slyde Summer Internship

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Em Kless Slyde Handboards Summer Internship
Slyde's intern Em Kless had something to say about her internship at Slyde Handboards, and we couldn't be more proud!


A few months ago, I contacted Steve with an interest in interning for Slyde 
Handboards. As a public relations major at Penn State, I had intentions of building a 
stronger resume and honing my PR skills. What happened to me, instead, was much 
more than I could ever put on a resume. 
A wave of opportunity came barreling towards me when Steve agreed that Slyde 
could use an extra set of hands. As any bodysurfer would know, you can’t ride a 
wave if you don’t drop in. So, I dropped in on Team Slyde’s wave and have been 
filled with stoke ever since! 
One of the most important things I’ve learned during my internship is the 
importance of connections. The Kickstarter campaign highlighted how crucial it 
is for a company to have a community of people who support their efforts. Slyde 
maintains this community especially well, being that their followers are from across 
the globe. Without the teamwork and dedication put in from both the Slyde Team 
and their followers, the Kickstarter project would not have been so successful. 
Picking a path to follow is challenging. If only it were as easy as picking a line to 
follow on a wave, cruising effortlessly. However, the Slyde Team has helped inspire 
me to follow my path, just as their iconic arrow logo suggests. 
Whether you are just paddling out, or you’re coming in from a session, it’s all about 
following your path. With a supportive team (and a good pair of fins) everyone can 
drop in and enjoy the epic ride!

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