Top 5 Reasons Chicks Should Handboard

September 24, 2014 1 min read

 the girls on Venice beach

Girls about to #getshacked on their handboards

There’s no doubt about it, handboarding is fun and it’s not just for the guys! Bodysurfing with a handboard is super easy to learn and you will be shredding it in no time.  After my first handboard session last year I was instantly hooked and now I am bodysurfing waves that used to scare the crap out of me.  If that doesn’t get you wet, (no pun intended) here are the top five reasons chicks should handboard.

  1. More QT time with your other half  -  There is nothing better than sharing your love for the ocean with your significant other.  A couple that shreds togethers, stays together.  Single?  Say hello to hot surfers!
  2. Get the BEST Selfies -  this reason alone will get all you duckface, instagraming girls out on a handboard.  Just go straight down the line, with water spraying back at your face and wind on your hair, you never looked hotter.
  3. Ditch the Stinky Gym - handboarding is a sick workout.  You are constantly swimming, so when you wake up the next day you are sure to be sore.  I never want to see a treadmill again!  
  4. Look Good - Okay, I admit it, I feel f’ing hot when I am in my wetsuit with my matching bodysurfing accessories - pink handboard, pink fins and a tight black Roxy wetsuit.
  5. GET SHACKED and BE HAPPY -  I can honestly say, handboarding makes me happy.  I look forward to going out every Saturday and Sunday morning, there is nothing else I would rather do.

chick on handboards angela with the hexflex

angela with the phish fun times

Angela Ferendo
Angela Ferendo

Angela Ferendo grew up in Rhode Island, spending her summers on the ocean, both sailing and bodysurfing. Having a passion for sports, fitness and health, she graduated magna cum laude with a bachelors degree, double majoring in Physical Education and Health Education from Plymouth State University. She moved to California 3 different times before making it her permanent home in LA in 2012 - needless to say she has driven across the country 4 times. In her spare time she teaches zumba, runs with Cowboy the Dog, and puts up with Steve's shenanigans. Angela now wears multiple hats at Slyde including: business planning/development, customer service, logistics, sales, and finances.