Plastic Bags Officially 86’d From The State Of California

October 03, 2014 2 min read



That’s right, the California Republic becomes the first US state to issue a law banning single use plastic bags across major retailers statewide.

The victory comes as a major milestone for environmental organizations like Heal the Bay and Surfrider, who’s spent nearly 7 years, in efforts to “Ban the Bag” and “Rise Above Plastics.”

For me personally it’s been on my “Biggest Pet Peeve” list for at least 6 years.  As my shopping friends can confirm, I literally cringe, when people use plastic (bags not credit cards).

It’s true I'll judge you not on what you buy, but how you’re bagging it.

SLYDE handboards has also actively supported the ban of the bag.  Participating in a variety of beach cleanups and hosting 2 auctions with proceeds going to Heal the Bay.

Shockingly enough, each year just in California, an insane 13 billion single use plastic bags are handed out to consumers. These urban tumbleweeds (the bags not the consumer) then go onto wreck havoc in our waterways, wildlife, and landscape for decades before decomposing.

Sorry to tell you, but the seagull with its belly full of plastic is real, so is the turtle gnawing on plastic bag thinking it’s a tasty jellyfish buffet.

The new law will go into effect for supermarkets including Wal-Mart and Target, grocery stores, and pharmacies in California beginning Jul1, 2015. It will extend to convenience stores and liquor stores July 1, 2016.

That gives everyone 10 months prep time to get your reusable bag game in check. I don't want to hear about it when you go grocery shopping on the 4th of July and you’re ohh and ahh for having to pay 10cents per paper bag.  

Look to friends in Chicago, Austin, Los Angeles, and Seattle for guidance. They've been a part of the plastic bag ban, and are thriving.

As a waterman & women we know all things lead to the ocean. It’s our responsibility to keep her looking fresh, clean, and blue.

Congratulations to everyone that's supported the ban on plastic bags throughout the years, legendary work!





Michelle Michalak
Michelle Michalak

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