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The slyde holiday shipping schedule

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slyde holiday shipping dates

The SLYDE holiday shipping Date calender

Hi everyone! Well it's about that time of year or actually maybe I should say that time of year is here. It comes up fast and hard and then it's gone, I'm talking about the season of giving, and like no other year before in case you were under a rock (or barnacle) for the last year the best way to give, is the gift of stoke. 

All of you out there thinking hard about what to get that dare devil, adventurer outdoorsy surfer waterman or woman we have the answer for you right here, and as they say look no further ! Cheesy as that sounds I can attest that this is what they will want, WAVE CANDY!

So in order to reduce the flows of disappointment at missed, lost and undelivered packages we at SLYDE have put together a comprehensive holiday calendar. Now you can avoid the sulky face this Christmas morning by ordering now and getting your board before the Christmas rush, so please for the love of sanity follow these dates or there will be a lot of tantrums and long faces sit back enjoy the holiday and let us do the hard work Visit the USPS  holiday interactive calender 



For international please go to the USPS interactive holiday calender to check your region and ship by dates in order to get your order by the 24th  


There is also the Option to DHL Packages. If you are overseas and want to make absolutely sure that your board arrives in time for the big day we highly recommend using this option. This is not an automatic option on shipping so please contact us at Support@slyde handboards and we will be more that happy to help you get your board to you Through DHL quick as sticks.

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