You will never guess what's back!! The Phish is Open to the public

by steven watts December 11, 2014

Welcome to the lineup the Phish handboard : Its back

It has been a very busy couple of weeks with thanksgiving specials and happy holiday shopping coming down on us like a freight train, so this is a little overdue due to the madness. However, I wanted to do a formal welcome back to the Phish handboard!  After a very successful  Kickstarter campaign (thanks to all our Kickstarter hero's who made the dream come alive) and the making of the Phish a reality. It is finally here for you to purchase, if you missed the Kickstarter rush here is your opportunity to get your hands on one of the best handboards ever made. 2-3 wood veneer , handmade perfection for charging just any wave your can shake a stick at.  

Also you can go to the dedicated page for the phish performance handboardand find out exactly why its such an amazing board with nearly 2 years of development and countless hours of material and shape testing we finally got it just the way we like it. The Phish takes a bit to dial in but as soon as you have it perfected it will get you absolutely pitted every wave. The speed and power behind the thrust is something I have personally never felt on a handboard before. Don't just take my word for it  here is what Ryder Willy Cole had to say about riding the Phish.

What the Ryders have to say

"The phish. If I could only bring one handboard on a trip, it would be the phish, because it's so the best board for all around conditions. It's got the length to catch small waves...but at the same time it's narrow which makes it hold well on bigger surf as well!" - Willy Cole

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Find out all you want to know about the phish construction materials 

the slyde handboard for bodysurfing

steven watts
steven watts

Growing up in South Africa, Steve spent his youth dreaming of far off places. After spending eight years extensively traveling to many of the great surf destinations of the world getting dengue fever, having a near death experience from a falling coconut in mexico, Surviving a 15 foot drop on a handboard on a Nias bomb, jumping from every rock he could find without adequate health insurance. and comprehensively debunking the myth there are no waves in Thailand, even if they are small. He decided it was time for a a degree. Steve Graduated from Central Saint Martins School of Art and Design in London with a degree in product design. He missed his graduation to go surfing in Californian, found a kindred spirit with Venice and never left

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