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Hēlo surfers comfort: Add these to your wish list if you havnt already

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Helo underwear for bodysurfing

Hēlo they will make you feel like your wearing air 

We are definitely not a review site as I am sure you are aware, however on occasion, we find products that we really think our readers and customers would love to know about.

We just recently found these from Hēlo underwear. Now, I'm not big fan of underwear and prefer to go commando at the best of times so it actually took me by surprise how much I really liked them. Jake the owner of Hēlo, after I voiced my disapproval on all forms of dare I say it, package constraint! Let me know they were super comfortable.

Well, yeah of course you would say that. It's hardly a great marketing campaign for underwear, I can just see it on a huge billboard in Time Square "the world most uncomfortable underwear" with Mark Whalberg clutching his package and screaming in agony.

However, and I say a big however because I could not tell you if they were uncomfortable or not because well, I forgot I had them on, I mean literally forgot! I used them under My wetsuit when I got out the water I grabbed a towel to wrap around to make sure I didn't bare my junk to the world. That's when  I realized I had done everyone a favor and put the Hēlo on. So I guess that's pretty good indication that they are comfortable.

That brings me to another of the many reasons I enjoyed wearing these. If I was to be completely truthful, like a good pair of board shorts I didn't take them off for a week (ok way too much information).

Also, Unlike other pairs of underwear I own that are not quick dry and you sit around in literal puddle of post surf clamminess, these dry really really quickly and while they are wet they honestly and almost weirdly don't feel wet at all.

Why not just take them off when you are done, I hear you ask, poking holes in the logic. Agreed you could do that. But why? When you could leave them on and 10 minutes later you're dry and ready to head out the door for a beer with the boys. Bam! Surfing with post beer without changing your skiv's now that's a advertising campaign I want to see.

Add these to the Christmas shopping list

Oh and there is something else I forgot to mention and something I was very thankful for. Just recently was the start of 3-4 winter sessions I dusted out my trusty old 3-4 Dawn Patrol headed off in the chilly morn.  When I got down there and it was pumping my suit had grown a baseball sized hole right on the ass. What the f%#k.  The Hēlo I was wearing, thank god had not only saved the day from an embarrassing walk home but also went a long way to making the hole (no pun intended) a little less chilly.

The bad: on the side note I'm not a big fan of the tribal design on the pair i had not a big deal by any means.

P.S We don't sell HELO and receive nothing but a pair to try for letting you know about them, we have zero interest in them. (I always like it when Sites let me know that as I know it's an honest review ) , We simply like to inform you on any products that you can you can use and in some way or another enhance your journey to, from and while you are in the water. 



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