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Wave Spotlight: The Beaches Of Tahiti

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Slyde Handboards Tahiti


You've just landed in Fa'a'ā- airport handplane in hand, ready for action.

Where are you gonna go to catch all of the best waves Tahiti has to offer? Get in your car or bus and head south. All of the best waves are on the southern part of the island, each wave better than the last.

All skill levels welcome in Tahiti, but I must warn you, there are some gnarly breaks out
there so as always be safe, and follow on this journey as we explore popular Tahitian surf

As you travel south, the first beach you will want to stop at is Taapuna. The wave is a
legendary hollow left with three sections. All three are meant for skilled surfers. Before
Tahiti became a major surf destination, this beach was host to only the bravest world-
class surfers.

Today it is much more crowded, as it is close to Papeete where you will
find more tourists and beginners. The wave sizes range anywhere from 3ft to 10ft.

Just south of Taapuna is Maraa; another left-hander south of Taapuna but much less
popular because of its shallow waters and powerful currents. This break is not meant for
beginners, seasoned and skilled surfers should be the only ones attempting this tube.

Keep driving down the island if you’re a normal surfer looking for some less hazardous
waves. You’ll find yourself at Papara. It is in fact the most popular surf spot in Tahiti.

So if you’re a surfer who doesn’t like crowds- this may not be the place for you. If you
love to surf however, you should check it out because it’s beautiful and much less of a
risk than other Tahitian beaches. This wave typically supports short boards only.

Known as one of the world’s best left-handers and even best all-around wave, Vairao is
located south east of Papara. This break carries you for several hundred meters before
getting to the shallow coral. It’s a long ride but a potentially rough finish, so keep that in

While Vairao may be among Tahiti’s best waves, it is nowhere near as known as
Teahupo’o, the “world’s heaviest wave”. That’s right, the WORLD’S heaviest wave. It
sits on a geological sweet spot which makes the waves much larger than anywhere else

The reef plays a huge part in the intensity of the wave as well. The positioning of
the reef makes the break hit the same spot every time and create a mean force that is
pushed up into the wave. That said, it’s a left-handed-monster-wave-rider’s dream!

As far as thrill seeking, this is the last surfing beach you’ll really be after. But please,
don’t stop driving. Continue around the island and encounter beautiful, peaceful black
sand beaches. After hitting all of those surf breaks, you’re in need of some serious

Tahiti Jean Slyde Handboards

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