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Spotlight on Oahu: Bodysurfing Hawaii

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Bodysurf Sandys Beach Oahu

If you're a bodysurfer and you haven't been on the beaches of Oahu, you're doing it wrong.

This island has some of the most pristine shore break beaches you'll ever find.

Most of the famous spots are going to be on the south and east side of the island and the two most popular are very close to each other! The north shore gets hit with the big ones and the waves traditionally break farther out- and when I say big ones, I mean it. There’s nothing like sitting at the shores of Pipeline during December hearing the monstrous waves crashing. It’s almost eerie.

Enough about that, we're here to go bodysurfing!

Probably the most famous body surfing beach on island is Sandy’s. This beach has taken lives with its powerful waves that break right into the sand. I would definitely say only experienced swimmers and surfers should enter these waters so no newbies here. The water is packed with boogie boarders’ doing crazy spins and flips and bodysurfers’ stretched arms and heads sticking out of the crystal clear tubes.

Looking for a less crowded spot? Keep heading east to Makapu’u beach- not far down the road. It’s a bit of a hike down to the beach on the rocks but I’m assuming you’re about to do some serious work in the water so this shouldn’t be a negative factor anyways so, enjoy the fun trek down! This beach offers great bodysurfing and is usually a bit less aggressive than Sandy’s but be careful during hightide because the currents are crazy strong.

For you beginners just looking to play in the waves, Waikiki beach surprisingly has decent bodysurfing and boogie boarding spots. The pier is the best if you’ve got a body board- the locals call this spot ‘Walls’. For bodysurfing, sometimes Kaimana’s down the beach will have some fun waves but it really depends on the time of year- summer is when the south side gets bigger swells so keep that in mind if you’re looking for light bodysurfing fun. The great thing about Waikiki beach too is the easy access. In order to visit the other beaches you need transportation but most likely if you’re visiting the island, you’re staying in or around Waikiki beach. Waves are just a hop skip and a jump away.

If the season’s right, there are some pretty good little spots on the north shore for body boarding as well. Pipeline and Sunset beach actually have some great shore break during the summer time. I wouldn’t rule out many beaches. If you drive around, you can find a great little wave- if only for a few hours before the tide changes. 

The water is crystal clear, the sun is shining bright, and the beaches are plentiful. So head to Oahu, and bring your handplane if you want to look pro and shred by all of the locals.


Oahu Hawaiian Island Bodysurf 

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