Is Your Sunscreen Harming The Ocean? Choose Wisely...

April 22, 2015 2 min read

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With so many Sunscreen brands out there it’s hard to know which is best. Instead of
finding the kind that’s the cheapest or protects you more, you should look at which
brands are the least harmful to the environment, especially if you’re getting into the

Common sunscreens can harm phytoplankton, bleach coral reefs, and disrupt the
ocean’s ecosystems.

Here are some brands you can trust without harming the water:

BWC (beauty without cruelty) is an awesome sunscreen for all skin types. Using
natural oils such as jojoba and olive to protect your skin instead of harmful
chemicals. This product also contains moisturizing components for extra soft and
browned skin.

For all of you bodysurfers out there, SURFOLOGY is key. While it may not be as
moisturizing as BWC, Surfology makes up for it by being water resistant for 80
minutes. Another great thing about this sunscreen is that it is dermatologist
recommended and doesn't clog your pores!

This one says it in the name- CORALSAFEis an eco-friendly sunscreen brand with
many great products that will keep your conscience clean. The stick is my personal
favorite- portable, effective and biodegradable.

BADGER is a good brand for all ages and it’s waterproof for 40 minutes. The thing I
love about Badger is that it’s for both face AND body so you only have to bring one
tube along with you to the beach!

Raw Elements  big wave Monster Surfer Garrett McNamara living by their organic sunscreen it was named One of the best Sunscreens by the EWGor the Environmental Working Group and environmental health and advocacy group.

The last brand I’d like to mention is ALBA BOTANICA- not because it’s my favorite, d
but because it’s so much easier to find than the others. Going to show that just
because it’s a popular brand doesn't mean it can't be made with all vegetarian and
organic ingredients and materials.

Keep in mind the harm your everyday products are doing to the eco-system and try
to base your sunscreen decisions on how much the ocean will thank you.

Nohelani Roche
Nohelani Roche