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Summer always comes quicker than expected each year. So, before you start the countdown to sunny days on the beach, you may want to get to work on your beach body.  And, there’s no better way to get in shape than through bodysurfing.

Here are just 6 of the health benefits you’ll see after you pick up the board and hit the waves.

Low Impact Exercise

Because you’re in the water, the effects of bodysurfing will have less of an impact on a body than exercise out of the water.  The simple act of being in the water allows the body to avoid the impacts of gravity on the joints, letting a person enjoy an activity without wearing down the body like another activity on land would. Bodysurfing is a great exercise for anyone at any age, because it doesn’t wear on the joints like running or another land-based activity would naturally do.

Targets the Core

Being in the water means that you will naturally be free of spinal support, and your muscle groups will need to work to maintain frame support. Essentially, your core muscles are constantly working to hold your body in position. “Finding a highly effective core exercise can be quite difficult. Finding one that’s also a ton of fun, where you won’t even realize you’re working out, is nearly impossible. Bodysurfing is that perfect balance of an incredible core workout and one of the best times you’ll have out on the open water,” states Daniel Williams, sports writer at

Academized and Paper Fellows So, there’s no need to boring planks or sit-ups, when you can have fun in the sun while targeting your core.

Get an Aerobic and Anaerobic Workout

Strengthen your cardio abilities with the help of swimming and bodysurfing. You’ll get to work on your endurance as well as boost the body’s capabilities at taking in oxygen and maximizing its use. Participating in aerobic workouts can help keep your muscles lean, your body erect and your energy levels high.

Using your muscles explosively means that oxygen can’t get there fast enough, so they break down the glucose that’s stored there, forcing them to re-grow even stronger. Muscles that are developed on the beach, through anaerobic activity are more cosmetic than anything else, but the overall balance of adding anaerobic activities to your routine helps to develop and improve overall body strength.

Be Balanced

There are very few exercises and activities that can incorporate a full body workout, but bodysurfing is one of them. Your body is constantly working to balance both upper and lower - your upper half will be paddling while the lower half kicks. When we speak of balance, we can also delve into the mental balance that bodysurfing offers. Aside from the physical activity and exercise that’s so important to health, the other side of a healthy lifestyle is mental wellness. Handboarding & Bodysurfinghelps to encourage that mental wellbeing by allowing you to enjoy an activity that’s fun and challenging, while at the same time enjoying the physical benefits.

So much fun!

When you’re trying to workout and stay fit, it can sometimes get boring when you’re doing something that’s repetitive, like counting reps or using the same machines in the gym. When you’re out on the open waters, every moment is different and things are always exciting and changing. You’ll be having so much fun that you won’t even notice the amazing workout you’re experiencing. “No one really wants to feel like they’re working out, because it’s generally not a fun thing to do. It feels like a task we have to do, rather than an activity we want to do. So, if you can combine both in a way where it is just a fun thing that just happens to also be a great workout, you’re more likely going to want to keep doing it,” explains lifestyle blogger Thomas Halverson of Australian Help and State Of Writing.

Less chance of injury

If you’re participating in any type of workout or physical activity, there’s always a chance of injury. When it comes to participating in bodysurfing, you instantly cut your chances of potential injuries almost entirely because you’re in the water. So, if you fall off your board, you’re falling into water and not onto the ground. As long as you’ve chosen a good spot to surf in, free from potential underwater hazards, your biggest threats will be ear infections and board rash.

Get in shape fast, while having fun at the same time by taking up bodysurfing. You’ll see incredible health benefits both physically and mentally, while having a great time.

Nora Mork is a sports and lifestyle writer at  Ukwritings andBoomessays. She also works as a part-time content writer and editor for blogs and online magazines, such as  Essay Roo.

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