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Image courtesy of Surfrider

If you're reading this blog, chances are you have a thing for the Ocean.

Whether you're a weekend rider, on daily dawn patrol, or surf the web, the ocean brings you happiness on some level.  It seems we are not alone in that thinking and most if not all our followers feel the same way about the ocean and all of them want to make a difference in how the ocean is treated this 2016 

Lets face it, currently we kinda use it as our own personal dumping ground and if we want to float happily into 2017 and beyond it might be a good idea to start looking at ways we can start to treat our most valuable resource a little better in 2016. Everybody say yeah!!! Oh and by the way if the Scientists are to be believed we don't really have a choice on the matter. Looking to make a difference? Try Surfrider Foundation to hear about the next beach cleanup close to you!

Read below some awesome guys and Gals who are promising a change in how they do things   

So let's make a pact to make the Ocean
Crazy Happy Stoked in 2016!  

We Asked Our Readers:
"How They Plan To Give Back To The Ocean in 2016" 
below are some of their responses and tips to add to your Ocean Minded routine.

1. Greg Harrison| Hollywood, California
"First and foremost I'll be removing all the trash I see from the ocean every time I'm there.  Next I'll be inspiring others to do the same as frequently as possible."

2. Allan Kraci| Omaha Nebraska
"Picking up after myself."

3. Douge Fresh| South Africa
"Every year my wife & I do beach clean ups & we also get a schools EcoClub involved to try increase their knowledge of the ocean & how we all will benefit from it."

4. Michael Parrish Frederick | Virginia 
"No cigarette butts on the beach!  Pick up any litter I see and take it with me when I leave."

5. Jose Barrera| Union City, CA
"Reduce our household carbon footprint."

6. Nick Chow | Kekaha, Hawaii
"Use less single use water bottles."

7. Sarah Long Beach, CA
"I will do this by respecting it.  I will also respect everything that lives in it."

8. Mathew Crispell| Annapolis, Maryland
"I plan on purchasing an environmentally friendly car next year. I also plan on advocating for ocean awareness at my college."

9. Rhys Nicholas | Philadelphia, PA
"I'm going to participate in Surfrider beach clean ups.  This way I can protect the ocean and animals that live in it from the trash."

10. Griffin Kerscher| Temecula, CA
"This year i started a beach cleanup club at my school every week we spend time cleaning our beaches. Next year I will plan to start the same club at my college."

trash talk handboardsWant a Handboard designed to showcase your Commitment to Keeping The Ocean Clean & Stoked?   The Trash Talk Wedge is your board,  custom art by Venice based artistRonald Monahan is an observation on the crap we consume most of which end ups in the ocean.

Beach Cleanups

Surf Rider


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