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Surf Photography: An Interview With Morgan Grosskreutz

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Morgan Grosskreutz photographer interview

Morgan Grosskreutz's photography first came to our attention after he had taken numerous incredible shots with our very own Willy Cole. Morgan and Willy are good friends and have spent hours in the warm waters of the Florida coast perfecting their partnership and have many an epic shot to prove it, including publications in leading magazines Like ESM (East Coast Surfing Magazine).

Like many great partnerships, these two have that edge over the competition with the way they mesh as a team. Morgan is an epic photographer and Willy is probably the best handplaner in the country.  Together, they have managed to capture the stoke of a handplane session like no one else we have come across. These two guys are leading the way in the visual of the sport as we know it.

Below is the interview with Morgan and a few of his handpicked best shots.  To check out more of Morgan's work, check out his website here.  


How did you first become interested in photography?

Morgan Grosskreutz surf photographyI started out with paint and charcoal, actually going to college with all art classes. The classes taught me how to set up a good drawing or painting with composition and to lead the eye around the work. Then I got bored of sitting inside and saved up for my first DSLR.

Black and white or color?

I do mostly color, but there are those moody pictures that almost demand to be in black and white when you look at them.

What photographers influenced your path?

Right after I started shooting skimming and shorebreak, I stumbled onto Clark Little's work and have been hooked. He has some serious talent. Also, Chris Burkard's way of putting mood into his photos really inspires me. 

What is it you want to say through your photographs?  What statement?

I try to capture the beauty of the ocean and area as well as the power. I prefer to not have man-made objects, condos and power lines, in my shots.  Just empty beaches. I like for it to look how it used to be.

If you could only photograph one person, place or thing for the rest of your life, what would you choose?

An island with a good selection of breaks.

What makes a good photograph epic?

Morgan Grosskreutz surf photographyBesides the flawless wave, having the perfect light to set what the wave is saying.  Either stormy, terrifying situation.  Or sunrise sunset light.

What insight or advice do you have for aspiring photographers?

Know your basics, photography is art. The best photos have everything that would make an amazing painting. I am always trying to improve my work too.

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