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Ashton Kutcher returned to ABC’s Shark Tank as a celebrity investor, and left doing the happy dance on Friday April 15th.

The actor/entrepreneur alongside investment partner Mark Cuban scored a sweet deal with Slyde Handboards, splitting a $200,000 investment for 22% of the company.

Ashton previously shared his investment secrets across his digital media company Aplus

He had a three part answer to what type of company he invests in:
  • ”I think the first thing that you look for is if they really have a command of their product and their industry. Sometimes people have great ideas but they really don't have an absolute command of their product and their industry.”
  • “There are going to be obstacles and you have to be a person who has ingenuity and sheer willpower to get through those times.”
  • “And the third thing I look for or listen for, is if this is a person I'd want to work for or work with, because if you're going to build something great you have to be able to work as a team.”
The Team at Slyde Handboards checked off all 3 boxes:

Team work & Building Community are the core of the Slyde Handboards brand, we couldn’t more excited to add Ashton and Mark our team. Their expertise, insights, and strategies are invaluable.” said Slyde Co-owner Angela Watts

The Slyde stoke was clearly contagious on set, as Kutcher and Cuban high 5’d each other’s handboards, smiled, and laughed. Kutcher with the Carbon Fiber Black Wedge, and Cuban with a custom Dallas Mavericks Wedge model handboard.

The Wedge Handboard model had the Sharks, and the everyday consumer in mind:

As the best all around board, which handles well in all conditions, with extra volume for more buoyancy and longer rides. Making it easy to master and a great starter board.

Mark Cuban called Slyde Handboards “the surfer starter kit” on the episode. 
Ashton  Kutcher exclaimed “it’s the minimalist approach to going out and catching a wave.”

Immediately following the airing of Shark Tank Ashton tweeted
"Finally a water sport I might be able to be good at: Excited to work w/ @mcuban on this #Sharktank”

Ashton we promise you’ll be excellent at handboarding, it will for sure reinstate your (and everyone’s) love for the ocean. Who know’s maybe you’re next Netflix sitcom will segway from The Ranchto The Beach (hint, hint).

We anticipate plenty of happy dances on both land and at sea with Slyde Handboards.


In preparation of an Epic Summer 2016 and In celebration of our investment on Shark Tank. Slyde is offering 15% off purchases with promote code “Shark Tank” at

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