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Slyde into Spain with ambassador Sergio from Cantabria on the regions north coast.

Sergio recently competed on his handboard in the Federación Cántabra de Surf contest and we couldn't wait to learn more about his beautiful country and the state of bodysurfing there.

Who or what got you into Bodysurfing/Handboarding?

The main reason that I started handboarding, was that because of work I could not take my surfboards in the car. I wanted to be able to surf in some way, and I discovered bodysurfing. What started as a substitution has become my main sport, my vice.

How would you describe the surf/bodysurfing scene/community like in Spain?

In Spain there are not many people who do bodysurf. When I'm in the sea we do not usually have more than three bodysurfers, on my nearest beaches. But, I'm sure that with a few years there will be more bodysurfers.

What are your 3 favorite breaks in Spain for Bodysurfing?

My 3 favorite beaches in order are:

Carabineros: My local beach, a beach with a powerful left and walls (if the series of waves takes you will have to dive a lot), there's an easy right but you have to work it, it does not have much wall. Hold wave size up to 2 meters, the bottom is rock. 

Liencres: Three beaches in one, it has many breakers, with long waves and tubes. The only inconvenient thing is that it has a lot of current at low tide or half tide. The bottom is sand.

Sardinero: A powerful beach when it breaks. It's a fast wave with tubes, but it breaks all at the same time, you have to be fast. It works best at medium high tide..

What were 2 highlights from the Federación Cántabra de Surf contest?

In the competition I just wanted to pass a round, that was my initial goal, so that was the most important point of the competition. The second point to note is that the final had the moment of best waves of the whole weekend, both by size and clean waves, but we had to swim a lot to get to the best waves.

My third place was a surprise, which made me very happy. My next goal is to be first, so I am training every day.

What tips would you give to someone traveling to Spain for the first time to bodysurfing/handboard?

My advice is that whoever wants to come to Spain, choose between the north of Spain and the Canary Islands. In the north of Spain there are many waves and they work especially in winter, but it is very cold.

In the Canary Islands the waves are very good and the temperature is good all year round.

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